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Anyone hold my hand? Collie possibly just had first seizure...waiting vet app

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bobblypop Mon 03-Aug-15 11:59:33

anyone want to hold my hand?
My lovely almost 3 yr old collie woke up this morning and was behaving a bit odd. Didn't go outside for a wee when I opened the back door (odd) then came and sat next to me in the kitchen. When I then tried to get him to go outside it seemed as if he couldn't walk properly - sort of drunk and wobbly, then his front legs gave way and he collapsed on his side and also weed everywhere.
He got up after a couple of minutes, but seemed wobbly and disorientated for about an hour after. He seems fine now, although a bit more subdued than normal maybe?
We have a vet appointment this evening - but of course I am imagining all sorts of terrible things.....
I am thinking this was some kind of siezure? He didn't do any massive jerking that I noticed but his eye and ear were twitching....
He had his vaccinations on Wednesday last week, could this be related?

so worried for my lovely boy.

EasyToEatTiger Mon 03-Aug-15 13:52:59

I hope he's ok. One of our collies got very drunk once. He ate a huge amount of risen dough and it fermented in his tummy. I was really worried about him and thought it might have been something neurological. I will be thinking of you both at the vet. I reallly hope ddog is ok.

Bassetfeet Mon 03-Aug-15 14:13:44

Bassetdog has had similar to what you describe . Nothing untoward found at vets . Blood taken etc . It happens rarely but is scary .
I have found that it happens after a lot of exercise ...say day out fell walking
Usually early morning .
My dear departed collie had epilepsy and was fine on meds .
Hope all goes well at your vet visit . I do empathise flowers

bobblypop Mon 03-Aug-15 22:12:37

Thanks both. Went to vets, by which time he was completely fine! Vet examined him but couldn't find anything wrong. He advised to go back if it happens again,,at which point they would do bloods to rule out a metabolic causes.
I'm hoping it was just a one off. He is completely back to his normal crazy self now! Will just have to wait and see and keep fingers crossed.

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