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Appreciation thread for considerate dog owners!

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MeganTrainer Mon 03-Aug-15 09:59:14

I spend a lot of time complaining/lamenting about the thoughtless/inconsiderate/arsey variety but I've met some lovely ones lately so I thought it might be nice to write something non-complainy. Just to see what it feels like smile


Lovely chap a couple of weeks ago. Two terriers on lead, coming out of the local country park into the car park. DDog and I are coming back into the car park too, from a different direction so I stop at her "happy distance" (she's reactive to other dogs) and wait, chatting to her and feeding her. Chap stops and asks if it's ok to carry on into the car park. I say yes of course - thank you so much for stopping/asking. He puts his dogs away. I thank him again and we have a nice little chat. DDog stays calm.

Walking this morning. DDog off lead. Man appears with large bouncy GR. I call DDog, pop her onlead. He sees me do that and leashes his own dog. They walk past calmly. DDog stays calm. I thank him profusely. He says you're welcome.

Sigh. Why can't they all be like that?! DDog has made such huge strides recently and every time we have a good experience my little heart lifts. But it only takes a couple of bad experiences to put her training back weeks.

Mind you, she did really well this morning before we met the nice Goldie man; she was offlead and a large Lab came galumphing up out of nowhere (I then heard its owner shouting from what was clearly quite a distance so I think it had absconded somewhat) and sort of accosted her. But she only grumbled at it (usually she'd fly at it to drive it right off) and made her way to me to sit and be treated. Great progress for her!

But anyway. Thank you, considerate owners. Please don't underestimate how grateful I am and how much it gladdens my heart to meet your kind grin

LimeJellyHead Mon 03-Aug-15 14:37:35

Yay smile

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