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Insuring dog on steroids

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GraysAnalogy Sun 02-Aug-15 18:15:50

as some of you know we adopted our dog a few months ago. he had skin and ear infections, underweight, wouldn't look us in the eyes etc.

Now he's a very happy dog and healthy. He however has a long term issue which he needs medication for. Despite us knowing steroids can/will damage him, his life is a misery without them. He scratches until he bleeds, they then get infected.. you get to gist. Tried everything, changing diet, changing things in our home... everything. We were up all night preventing him from scratching. Even tried those boots but then he was just crying because he couldn't scratch. Unbearable and broke my heart. Only steroids work. He's on steroids long term until we get a drug we're on a waiting list for. It's apoquel but supply can't meet demand and everyone is having problems getting it

Anyway, we're trying to insure him (in the interim we have savings) and I'm wondering if anyone has insured their dog who's on steroids or similar meds and how it effected the cost?

We've had quotes (based on 2 year old pedigree bulldog) and Tesco seem very reasonable at £31.33 a month. Thats for lifetime premium which care up to £7500.

I expect that'll bump up quite a lot?

A lot of people on bulldog groups seem to just put money away and use savings like we're doing at the moment, but I'd prefer full insurance

Any advice much appreciated, thank you

toboldlygo Sun 02-Aug-15 19:39:48

The premium won't necessarily increase, they will just not provide cover for any pre-existing conditions. I am usually one to advocate a proper lifetime insurance policy but in all honesty with the Apoquel costing £30+ a month and knowing that he will never be covered for skin, ears etc. it may be a more sensible option to put money into savings each month instead?

GraysAnalogy Sun 02-Aug-15 19:44:53

I thought it might bump it up because he's at higher risk of kidney problems later on due to the steroids, I hope I've assumed wrong.

I dunno why I have this thing about having insurance, I flap because he hasn't got it despite us having money just in case.

I'll have to try and work out what's for the best, the apoquel is going to cost us £50 a month. We've been waiting four months for it now, still no availability sad

Thankyou for your help

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