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"Dog friendly" accommodation

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Evenstar Fri 31-Jul-15 22:52:35

We are having a night's stopover on our way North for our holiday, we booked into a guest house, we arrived this afternoon to find that the garden is private, the nearest piece of grass is 10 mins walk away and has broken glass and rubbish and is not fenced and we are at the top of two flights of steep stairs. To make matters worse my little dog had surgery last week on a luxating patella and can't walk far or climb stairs. What have your experiences been, was it unreasonable to expect better than this from somewhere badged as dog friendly?

Lokibuddyboo Sun 02-Aug-15 12:44:06

If it's says dog friendly I would at least expect a safe place to for my dog to be able to do his business not one with broken glass and rubbish on it. Stairs wouldn't bother me I'd carry ddog he's only small.

CoogerAndDark Sun 02-Aug-15 12:53:25

It's often used to mean they just accept dogs on the premises so you have to have a good look round any photos and descriptions of the property to see if it's suitable.
Hope you can carry your dog up the stairs ok and you manage for the night.

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