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Bitch Spray - any other ideas?

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Collaborate Wed 29-Jul-15 08:01:36


My 9 math lab stopped her bleeding 13 days ago. She started her bleeding 34 days ago. Ever since then she's still been attracting the attention of all the boys in the park. I still can't walk her without one of them trying to mount her. She's definitely not in season any more. All of her bits are back to normal and in the right place. I think it's that she's still giving off that musky aroma so beloved of the name dogs. Kennel No 5 I call it.

I got some Bitch Spray yesterday and will use it on her this morning after first cleaning her undercarriage with her normal shampoo. However someone in the park suggested I could get a special shampoo that would remove all the smell from her hair. Has anyone heard about this?

PeanutsOnTheFloor Sat 01-Aug-15 04:40:02

No, but Kennel No 5 made me laugh!

TeamSteady Sat 01-Aug-15 13:02:07

Have you given her a proper all over bath yet?

Collaborate Sat 01-Aug-15 15:00:43

Ha! Yes. Just half an hour ago. It is my last hope. The bitch spray didn't keep one particularly randy friend from getting excited. Shame, as she loves playing hard with him. His playing hard these days means something else entirely. I washed her in a vinegar solution the other day. No luck there too.

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