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House training - help!

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imabusybee Tue 28-Jul-15 16:26:00

I'm at my wits end. We bright DDog2 home on Sunday morning & after no problems that day I hoped we'd be in for a smooth ride with house training. I was wrong. Yesterday and today we've achieved two wees on walks - & about a million in the house! I house trained DDog1 & am doing the same thing it's just not working! I take her out regularly, never leaving it more than a couple of hours but every time she holds it in until she's home and then pisses everywhere! I'm not exaggerating when I say there isn't a patch of my carpet that isn't currently damp from cleaning up poo or wee. And I'm posting this to put off having to clean the skid marks off the sofa....

Seriously - what the hell am I doing wrong?!

Background... DDog2 is a 10 month old rescue she's never lived in a house before & spent the last 4 months in a shelter. She's very very smart & has already learnt several commands in her short time with us. I can't crate her as she has separation issues (not quite SA but she can't handle being in a crate). We have an open plan downstairs which she has access to all day with gate on stairs. We don't have a garden so frequently have walks around the block for toileting purposes in addition to proper walks. I house trained DDog1 who was a 3 year old rescue & had also never lived in a house - no problems. Please help!

basildonbond Tue 28-Jul-15 18:41:17

I'm no expert but I think you need to go right back to basics and treat her like a tiny puppy, so you watch her like a hawk and take her out much more frequently - more like every 20-30 minutes and after any transition so after playing, eating, sleeping

If you haven't already join the Facebook Dog Training Advice and Support group run by Sally Bradbury and have a good read of the toilet training advice in the files

CMOTDibbler Tue 28-Jul-15 19:51:34

I agree with the puppy approach - out every 30 minutes, stand still whilst waiting for something to happen, reward generously for a wee/poo outside, no comment or reaction to anything else, and keep her close so you are able to react to the least sign of an imminent wee/poo.

imabusybee Tue 28-Jul-15 22:24:19

Hello again I've been trying the every 30mins trick since posting earlier & it's just not working - she's still waiting til we're home to pee (5 times so far!) Even with the bio carpet stuff.. Could it be a medical issue?

imabusybee Tue 28-Jul-15 22:26:28

Sorry double post - what if she's anxious about going outside and doing it at home where she feels safe? Bearing in mind her background

basildonbond Wed 29-Jul-15 06:51:39

She may well be anxious plus she's not lived in a house before so doesn't have the concept of weeing outside = good, weeing inside = bad

I think you're going to have to give it lots of time - she's only been with you since the weekend, that's no time at all

Definitely join the Facebook group- the admins there have a wealth of experience with adult and adolescent rescues

imabusybee Wed 29-Jul-15 08:45:46

She peed in her bed last night sad and did two wees downstairs just after I'd taken her out

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