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Puppy Vaccinations

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Lynne65 Sun 26-Jul-15 13:44:13

Hi all.
My pug had her first and only litter in May. I took them for their 1st injection and health check at 8 weeks old. A couple of days later they left for their new adventures in their new homes. I received a message from one of the ladies saying that when they took the baby to vets4pets. She was told that she'd only had half her first injection and would therefor need to pay for the second injection and also the half that was missing from the first. So I give the lady my vets contact details and asked her to phone them to put her mind at rest. I also phoned my vets (of which I have used for several years) and was passed to a nurse who told me there is no such thing as half an injection and told me to pass their number on to the lady and said that her vet was quite welcome to contact them.
Has anyone else had this problem.
Thanks for your time.

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 26-Jul-15 14:42:53

Different brands of vaccine are not compatible with each other. So if vets4pets use a different brand then that may need two injections.
Or old vaccines protect against two strains of leptospirosis the latest vaccines protect against four strains. If your vet uses an L2 vaccine and vets4pets use an L4 vaccine this could lead to the half a vaccine statement and to get L4 the puppy would need a second and third vaccine.

SmartAlecMetalGit Sun 26-Jul-15 14:44:51

I wonder if the new vet uses a different brand of vaccine and is therefore suggesting starting the course again and the puppy owner has got the wrong end of the stick.

This seems to be a fairly common issue when breeders let puppies go when they've only had half the course of vaccinations. Many breeders prefer to send to their new homes either without any vaccinations or with the course fully completed.

Floralnomad Sun 26-Jul-15 14:49:51

I agree with pp , when we got our puppy from Battersea they had given him a different vaccine than the one our vet uses but rather than start again our vet located another vet who used the original vaccine and I finished the course there as a 'guest' .

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