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KC vaccination.

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MarcoPoloCX Wed 22-Jul-15 11:21:18

What are people’s thoughts on kennel cough vaccination?
I hear that it’s no guarantee against it and only works against certain strains and not all.
Pups, elderly dogs and dogs with compromised immunity are more vulnerable to it.
But if you have a healthy dog, that doesn’t come in to contact with too many other dogs, is it better not to vaccinate but to give home remedies and observe?
And only visit vet and use meds if it doesn’t clear up.

BlueKarou Wed 22-Jul-15 11:39:18

I have never vax'd against KC. My puppy had it when he arrived at the rescue, as is standard for them, and in the very unlikely case my dogs had to go to boarding kennels I would get them vax'd as is typical for their requirements. But yeah; no regular KC cover for my two.

BlueKarou Wed 22-Jul-15 11:39:45

Puppy had the vaccination. Not kennel cough. Sorry if that's confusing!

MarcoPoloCX Wed 22-Jul-15 11:52:43

Besides KC, I am hearing more and more about over vaccination via the use of annual boosters.
Pups are vaccinated twice when they are young but research has shown that most dogs build up resistance that last for many years, and that annual boosters on the whole are not necessary.
Is it a matter of standardizing what vaccines vets use?
Surely over vaccination is not healthy for them.

cathpip Wed 22-Jul-15 12:00:53

My cocker is vaccinated against kennel cough purely because he has picked up a chest infection two years in a row from just general walks that is a very similar strain to kennel cough. Quite frankly I'd rather pay ££ to protect him from this infection, which it has than spend £750 a time treating it, which is what it has cost me, well the insurers two years in a row.......

SunshineAndShadows Wed 22-Jul-15 13:40:41

Annual boosters are necessary for leptospirosis and parainfluenza. Full vaccines are usually given every 2-3 years.

You almost never see distemper anymore in the UK because of vaccination, and parvo is comparatively rare (though much more common in some breeds, and some areas of the country). Disease risk varies from area to area, and is largely dependent on vaccine coverage and local 'herd immunity'

Side effects to vaccination in dogs are incredibly rare.

Unfortunately misunderstandings about vaccination, the growing anti-vax movement and the lack of experience most dog owners have with infectious diseases is likely to reduce vaccination rates.

As a vet that has worked extensively with dogs with infectious disease overseas, I'd urge you to maintain vaccination.

mollie123 Wed 22-Jul-15 13:49:51

my 'lurch' had a bout of KC last year - it was prevalent in the area as my neighbours dogs also suffered. it is easily passed on even if dogs are not confined in kennels
it was unpleasant for him but he kept on feeding and walking as normal so I did not take him to the vets (would have done had he deteriorated)
it is mostly unpleasant rather than life- threatening and it did make sleeping within earshot of his 'coughing (backward sneezing)' difficult.
it seems to mne the only reason for jabs against KC is for the reassurance of boarding kennels that they will not be called to account if there is an outbreak or because a dog has compromised immune system.
that said - all the other vaccinations are absolutely essential.

Floralnomad Wed 22-Jul-15 14:07:42

My dog has the KC vaccine , he came to us as a puppy with the Battersea strain and it has resulted in him having long term tracheal issues . He is 5 now and has had KC about 4 times since ,despite vaccination but these bouts have been much less severe ( only once requiring ABs) and we've managed him with Tixylix - he doesn't go to kennels and doesn't really mix with other dogs - I'm convinced if he was unvaccinated his KC bouts would be substantially worse and like many diseases it's not until you have to live with someone / something who has been really poorly with it that you realise how dreadful it can be.

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