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Dog and babysitter

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WritingBeagle Fri 17-Jul-15 16:58:17

I am due to be going out tonight and leaving my DC and almost year old puppy with a babysitter. It's actually my friend's husband, so a sensible adult who is used to and likes dogs and I'm just going to her house a five minutes walk away, but its the first time I've attempted to leave Dpup like this. I've left him with my parents before, but he knows them.

Is it a bad idea? He's a cocker spaniel and he's so far always been very friendly, he's not nervous or aggressive. My husband is away a lot and so I do need to be able to leave dpup, or I will never, ever go out. I'm more nervous about leaving him than my children!!

Fearless91 Fri 17-Jul-15 18:01:38

I would introduce them first - get her to have lots of treats and play with him a fair bit.

As long as she does this he will be fine smile

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