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Bravecto or Seresto

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Cheerfulmarybrown Tue 14-Jul-15 09:15:41

Having been using advantix on my dogs and they are still getting ticks I was thinking of changing to one of the above. I have googled (why did I do that!) and have scared myself.... Bad for the dogs, will wreck the environment etc.

I am not sure I like the idea of the collar as my DC cuddle the dogs a lot -but the manufacturers say that is not a problem. Oral chemical sound drastic .....

I have to use something which do any of you use? I would be using on border collies. My vet says both are as good as each other so left it to e to make the decision as you can see I am incapable confused

Lonecatwithkitten Tue 14-Jul-15 15:45:51

I have used both and personally prefer Bravecto mainly due to ease of use. I my hands both were equally in flea and tick control.

Cheerfulmarybrown Tue 14-Jul-15 17:21:11

Thanks Lonecatwithkitten I do like the idea of one tablet and job done for 12 weeks.

villainousbroodmare Tue 14-Jul-15 17:48:45

I have used both, including on my own dog, and much prefer Bravecto. I find Seresto about 90% effective and Bravecto 100%. The other advantages of Bravecto are that your dog is not wearing an ugly grey chemical-impregnated collar with your children snuggling into it, and you can have your dogs swim and be bathed as often as you like with no reduction in efficacy.

duncanslegacy Mon 28-Dec-15 01:24:00

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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