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Need help finding a temporary foster home for a 5 month old German Shepherd mix

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Birdinacage Sun 12-Jul-15 15:47:18

Hello everyone, I'm posting in the hopes that someone can help me find a good temporary foster placement for a lovely 5 month old male German shepherd cross puppy.

He belongs to a family member who is unfortunately having to move out of their home for a while unexpectedly and is unable to take him with her. He can't stay in the new place and is therefore alone all day while the other house member is at work and is becoming destructive and unhappy. He is a typical bouncy puppy who is very friendly, loves company and people and has grown up with a cat and small children.

My family member desperately wants to keep him and is hoping that he could be fostered somewhere for a couple of months until they are sorted and in their own place again but we don't know where to start as everywhere says they will only take dogs that can be re-homed and that would mean giving him up which is really a last resort. Unfortunately he can't come to me as my tenancy prohibits it.

He is currently living in Shropshire so if anyone knows of anywhere that may be able to help in that area advice would be hugely welcome, South Yorkshire would also be possible in terms of travel and my family member is willing to contribute financially towards his upkeep while he is with the foster person.

daisydotandgertie Sun 12-Jul-15 19:44:36

Have they approached his breeder? Many would take a pup back in those circumstances.

Wolfiefan Sun 12-Jul-15 19:47:03

Could a pet sitter take him?
He sounds lovely!
Breed specialist rescue place?

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