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Can you use Savlon on dogs?

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BertrandRussell Wed 08-Jul-15 17:24:48

I've just removed a tick from my dog and realized that I have Hibiscrub- can I bung a bit of human Savlon on it? (The dog, I mean- not the tick ......)

BertrandRussell Wed 08-Jul-15 17:25:23

Sorry- have no Hibiscrub.

villainousbroodmare Wed 08-Jul-15 19:27:33

Yep, v v dilute though. And wash your hands well with it too. Nasty little bastards.

LimeJellyHead Thu 09-Jul-15 09:30:44

Yes, anything like that is good once the tick is removed.

TheReluctantCountess Thu 09-Jul-15 09:33:28

Yes, I do.

SistersofPercy Thu 09-Jul-15 23:26:29

I used sudocrem many times. Just keep an eye on licking until it's absorbed.

alwaystryingtobeafriend Fri 10-Jul-15 01:14:58

We use sudocream. But I'm sure a wee bit of savlon will be ok. Or germoline. Xx

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