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9 week old Yorkie's ear is floppy.

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PorkyYorkie Tue 07-Jul-15 01:01:19

When we brought her home 8 days ago both ears were standing up and I never noticed otherwise. Tonight though one of her ears is very floppy and flaps about when she runs.

Is this something to worry about? I'm sure I read somewhere that a dog's ears (if standing up) usually become droopy and fall towards the head if the dog is ill or stressed.

I'm worrying now i have done something wrong with her or hurt her in some way. Or if she is sick. She seems fine in herself but sometimes her nose can be a bit dry.

I will admit I don't know a great deal about this, is there anyone who knows about this? Thanks

turdfairynomore Tue 07-Jul-15 01:50:12

My mum bred yorkies for years when I was a child-they are great wee dogs (especially the one who is now snoring behind my head!!) They are born with ears erect-& they go through lovely cute one up/one down stage but I also think I remember her saying that their ears would droop when they were teething?? If it were daylight hours I'd phone her for you! And I will in the morning if no one else! Sorry! Ps I wouldn't worry about the dry nose too much. My wee one can have a nose that is dry, wet or dripping!

turdfairynomore Tue 07-Jul-15 01:55:32

Oops typo-aren't born with ears erect!!

tabulahrasa Tue 07-Jul-15 02:13:11

A dry nose isn't anything to worry about, it just means they're a bit dehydrated, but in a...will probably be going for a drink soon way.

I don't know about yorkies, but ears do really bizarre things while they're puppies and yes teething makes them go all over the place.

If she seems fine in herself, she is.

SistersofPercy Tue 07-Jul-15 13:02:12

I had a westie with dropped ears and oddly as a child my parents had a Yorkie who's ears never came up as well.
I can't recall any issues with the Yorkie but our Westie was much more prone to ear infections because of the droop.

villainousbroodmare Wed 08-Jul-15 19:39:20

Dry nose is a reflection of humidity. It is never even mentioned in the veterinary literature as a clinical sign of anything.
Nor are erect or floppy ears.
If she seems fine, perky, eating, she is fine.

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