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Canine actopic dermatitis

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Tootyfilou Sat 04-Jul-15 13:45:30

Hi just wondered if anyone else had a dog with this. Dd is an 11 month golden retriever. He has been symptomatic since about 12 weeks.
So far he has had several prolonged courses of antibiotics. Oral steroids x1. Allergy testing ( bloods and skin samples) skin biopsy on a large papule . Alllergy results showed a mild allergy to oak pollen and 2 types of food storage mites.
He is fed on Millies Wolfheart plus one portion of sardines per day. He had a daily antihistamine and some Omega 3 capsules.
The rash is always in his groin area.
He has been symptom free for a few werks but has had another breal out a few days ago. We are trying to manVe this woth a topical stetoid spray and alternate day bathing in a medicated shampoo.
I have read extensively about this, knownabout Atopica ( bit reluctant to go doem that route yet.. Some of their trosl results steva bit concerningI feel )
Some RCT quote good results from chinese herbs.
He is such a lovely little dog! has a wonderful nature.
I know there is no magic wand for this condition unfortunately, just wondered if anyone had any tips.
Many thanks

Tootyfilou Sat 04-Jul-15 13:46:57

Sorry about typos! On phone.

Lonecatwithkitten Sat 04-Jul-15 14:51:33

I have had great success with immunotherapy with dogs with atopy.
Another alternative to atopica is apoquel to reduce the itching.
I assume you are doing all the correct things regarding good storage, wiping dog down after meals etc to reduce exposure tho storage mutes.

Tootyfilou Sat 04-Jul-15 15:03:13

Hi Lonecat ( really love your name BTW!). Yes storing food in air tight bags. Wiping mouth after meals and wiping coat and underside after walks.
Do you think we should consider an exclusion diet? Even if the levels of allergen were low would immunotherapy still be effective?
Thanks .

lulalullabye Mon 06-Jul-15 23:47:53

We have had some success with our 3 yr old lab and fish oil. We give her a regular human fish oil capsule with her dinner. She weighs about 32kg. Vet agreed and said just to make sure there is no vit d with it, just straight fish oil.
She still has periods where it gets worse with the seasons, but more or less 85% better.
We originally got the tip off from a guide dogs vet.

yummumto3girls Tue 07-Jul-15 22:37:26

Our past experience with Atopica and immunotherapy was that it was expensive and a waste of money, but that was a few years ago and things might have improved.

We had success with grain free foods, regular Malaseb baths (anti fungal and anti bacterial) and unfortunately a low dose of steroids every other day. The steroids shortened his life but made what he had that much more bearable!

nellieellie Wed 08-Jul-15 10:11:40

Am not saying that this is a miracle cure, but a lot of people who have switched to raw feeding their dogs have found that long term skin complaints go. You can now get commercially prepared complete raw food, Nutriment and Natural Instinct for example. The other thing I wondered was has your vet referred you to a skin specialist?

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