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Fallen in love with Maltese/Poodle cross

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Dancergirl Mon 29-Jun-15 12:01:07

Is anyone familiar with this type of dog?

We have been considering getting a dog for a while but definitely don't want to rush the decision and want to make sure we get the right breed for us.

3 dc aged 14, 12 and 8. Dh works long hours but I am around much of the week. We want a small dog that doesn't need masses of exercise. I was chatting to someone recently with their gorgeous Maltese/poodle cross and I totally fell in love! Owner said their dog is very easy to look after, doesn't need too much walking and the poodle side makes them intelligent.

Thought I would ask you knowledgeable lot if you agree...?

We also have a cat. How well do dogs get on with cats, does it depend on breed?

Stinkersmum Mon 29-Jun-15 12:07:19

I don't think breed really counts for a lot when it comes to cats and dogs getting on. It really does depend on the individual nature. Introducing them as an adult cat and a puppy seems to be a bit more successful. The cat can establish authority and dog should respect that regardless of how big it gets. My mum has two lurchers. She's currently got two of my cats. The cats were there first (they're 7) and the dogs were introduced when they were puppies. The dogs are very much in second place.

I do have to question though, why do you want a dog if you don't want to have to exercise it that much? If walking a dog is a bind, I would suggest at the very least you don't get a puppy. House training (NOT locking it in a crate, proper house training) takes an awful lot more effort than nipping out 2/3 times a day for a walk.

ggirl Mon 29-Jun-15 12:09:34

well I'm sure a small maltese/poodle wouldn't need as much exercise as a springer spaniel ..expect that's what the OP meant

Stinkersmum Mon 29-Jun-15 12:16:56

But isn't part (a lot) of having a dog getting outside with it? Out in the fresh air, getting lots of lovely exercise, socialising, new sounds, smells, sights etc?

SmartAlecMetalGit Mon 29-Jun-15 12:22:51

The problem with crosses is that it's impossible to predict what they are going to turn out like (especially if the parent breeds are quite different) and there can be a lot of variation even within the same litter.

Toy/miniature poodles can be quite active, bright and buzzy little dogs hence why you tend to get quite a lot competing in the smaller height sections of agility. This wouldn't necessarily be tempered by crossing with a more sedate breed.

Both maltese and poodles need a lot of coat care so whichever coat a pup inherits there'll be a considerable amount of grooming required.

It's also incredibly difficult to find a decent breeder producing these types of crosses, i.e. one who takes the health, temperament and welfare of the dogs they're breeding seriously rather than just doing for the money/simply because they can.

Most breeds can get on perfectly well with cats if they're brought up with them.

Dancergirl Mon 29-Jun-15 12:23:44

Perhaps I didn't make myself clear. I am looking forward to taking my dog out for walks but there is a huge difference between short-ish walks and hours and hours of exercise that bigger dogs need.

tabulahrasa Mon 29-Jun-15 15:09:20

Exercise needs don't go by size...a lot of small dogs actually need more exercise than many large breeds.

As already mentioned the issue with crosses is that there is no way of predicting what you'll end up with and poodles are active busy little dogs.

catsrus Mon 29-Jun-15 15:51:02

Bigger dogs often need less exercise - it's more to do with what the breed was developed to do. Anything that was bred to be a herder / shepherding breed is likely to need a lot exercise, as are the gun dog breeds. In all these types of dog you get larger and smaller dogs. A springer doesn't need less exercise than a golden retriever - the opposite is usually true based on the springers and goldens I've known. My friend has Irish wolfhounds - far more laid back and needing less exercise than my retriever and they tower over him!

ggirl Mon 29-Jun-15 18:59:03

OP I have a tibetan terrier , so coat is a bit like a maltese and needs grooming. I keep mine cut short so she's quite easy , needs her undercoat thinning out and a trim every 2-3 weeks. I do it myself .

My TT is very small for the breed and is ok with a good walk for around 40 minutes free run and another lead walk pre day , Sometimes is ok without the lead walk if its pouring , she's not bothered.

Not sure how relevant this is to the cross your'e interested in but probably similar size and if the coat is more poodle then probably easier to cope with then mine.

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