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How much is dog day care/ holiday care?

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mckenzie Fri 26-Jun-15 10:10:05

I appreciate that it will depend on location but I'm just after some ball figures please. Home care not kennels.

exexpat Fri 26-Jun-15 10:17:25

I pay about £25 per 24 hour period for my border terrier to stay with a lovely dog sitter near Bristol. She looks after about half a dozen dogs at a time, so I think her prices are a little lower than some who do one dog at a time. Rough price range round here is £20-30 a day, I think.

This price list from Pals 4 Pets (franchise operation with people all over the place) looks quite expensive to me, but may be the going rate elsewhere.

Hoppinggreen Fri 26-Jun-15 10:35:54

Home holiday care round here is about £100 per week I believe

TheReturnoftheSmartArse Fri 26-Jun-15 10:39:54

I pay �15 for each daily walk, or �30 for a 24 hour stay at the walker's house.

mckenzie Fri 26-Jun-15 16:47:06

Thanks very much all.

EdwinaLIzzard Fri 26-Jun-15 16:56:36

I think it probably does vary by location, but mine is £25 per day and they only accept a max of three dogs at any one time, the 'visitors' live in the house with the Sitters and their dogs and I have to say have the most amazing holiday!!

basildonbond Fri 26-Jun-15 16:57:52

£36 for 24 hours home boarding in London- that includes 2 big walks plus a relaxed evening stroll- it's not cheap but ddog loves his dog walker and I trust him completely so can relax if I'm away

Blowingoffsteam Sat 27-Jun-15 12:24:11

We pay £20 per over night.

clam Sat 27-Jun-15 12:39:30

Ours goes to their house and lives with them and some other dogs. Costs about £19 per night, one big walk a day, and lots of play outside in large garden.
He loves it.

mckenzie Sat 27-Jun-15 14:34:56

Clam and blowingoffsteam, may I ask roughly where you are?

mckenzie Sat 27-Jun-15 14:35:48

Or even "where you are, roughly?"
I don't want to be rough with you at all smile

RhinosAreFatUnicorns Sat 27-Jun-15 14:52:05

I pay £22 a day (24 hours) through Barking Mad when we are away. Only our dog staying with a family - sleeps on sofa and is generally spoilt rotten smile

clam Sat 27-Jun-15 16:43:41


mckenzie Mon 29-Jun-15 18:42:09

Thanks very much all. I think I've worked out some of the reasons for the price difference.
Location is obviously one of them.
How many dogs the carer takes at one time seems to make a difference.
As does what qualifications the carer has. If they have dog training qualifications for example, or dog care and grooming qualifications the price is higher.
All very reasonable me thinks.

At the end of the day, being happy with our dog carer and our dog being happy is going to be more important to us than the cost isn't it? Within reason of course grin

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