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Puppy off her food.

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SleepIsOverrated Wed 24-Jun-15 17:07:01

She's happy, insanely bouncy, busy, sleeping, drinking, counter surfing, peeing and pooing everywhere, and doing everything else just as normal. But seems to have completely lost her appetite.

Treats she will nibble at, Kongs she will chew, she will eat bits of her kibble if we are out on a walk. But she won't touch it when it's in her bowl, not dry, and not with water or stock added to it.

Any suggestions? I am reluctant to buy a different one as have huge bag of this to get through. She's 4 months old and had her second vaccinations a couple of weeks ago if that's relevant.

Butterflowers Wed 24-Jun-15 18:42:16

Could it be due to the weather? My 4 month old puppy seems to go off his food for a bit when it's a warm day. He's been like this since we got him, some days he eats all his food, sometimes he really isn't interested. It used to worry me but I've gotten used to it now. Vet wasn't concerned when I mentioned it as he's gaining weight and is perfectly healthy.

basildonbond Wed 24-Jun-15 22:08:23

Where are you keeping the food? Our puppy completely went off his food after only getting halfway through a huge bag. I think it had gone a bit stale as it wasn't in an airtight container

We tried another couple of brands with variable success before landing on his current food which he's been scoffing happily for well over a year now

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