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Practical advice on introducing new baby

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Ahardmanisgoodtofind Mon 22-Jun-15 17:32:35

We have a (nearly)2yo Jack Russel-collie cross. She's been raised around our boisterous 4yo ds and is endlessly patient with him, but im 36.5weeks pg and starting to worry about bringing the baby home etc.
dog is cage trained and will take her self off to her cage if She's stressed or had enough. She can be very bouncy and excitable though, especially when people come into the house,she barks and generally goes nuts, ditto when I Hoover.
when I go into Labour she's going to a family members house-She's been before and loved it. Should I ask if they'll have here for an extended period, maybe a week?just until the stream of visitors etc dies down a bit or would it be better to bring her straight home and back into routine. Any advice appreciated.

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