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Anyone out there with advice on showing for newbie?

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adoptmama Sun 21-Jun-15 17:29:00

Just that really.

We lost our 2 dogs very suddenly and unexpectedly with swift illnesses in the space of 7 months. Swore no dogs again, and then added a rescue about 6 weeks after we lost our 2nd boy. Couldn't stand the dog free home.

We've now added pup number 2. She is pedigreed up the wazoo and comes from very successful show stock. Never done this before as always had rescues, farm-bred collies etc but I am looking to get into showing with her and also, I hope, agility (she is a border collie too).

So my questions for the experienced are - is showing and agility together a silly idea and what are the basic beginners guide to showing for a complete novice. She is only a few months old so not looking to do anything in the short term. Advice on how to treat a potential show dog in her first year - best diet etc too. The breeder had lots of advice for us which was great and I am happy with it; just looking for other perspectives and experiences.


fuckweasel Sun 21-Jun-15 17:54:18

Find a local ringcraft class for showing. Get along to as many dog shows as possible and depending on breed, work on training her to 'stand' for a judge, get used to her being touched all over. She can be shown in 'puppy' class at shows from six months. Don't do it any more, but showing was good fun (if you can ignore the politics and sniping between breeders!).

SmartAlecMetalGit Sun 21-Jun-15 19:09:02

Good ringcraft classes are fabulous and it's worth starting taking a puppy along as early as possible. I take all mine as puppies, regardless of whether I've plans to show them or not as its great socialisation for them.

The breed club for your region will hold breed shows which are a fabulous way to see your breed being handled. Most tend to have at least one open (smaller) show and one championship (larger) show each year.

Local canine societies also hold regular shows and a breed like the BC is likely to be fairly well represented at most shows.

The big championship shows are great to spectate at as well. There's a list of champ shows on the KC site and you can find lists of smaller shows on websites like Dog Show Central.

fuckweasel Sun 21-Jun-15 20:00:03

Higham Press and Fosse Data websites list all the shows between them; champ shows and smaller breed shows etc. You will need a show lead, no idea what Border collies wear in the ring but I imagine some kind of slip lead in a neutral, non-contrasting colour. I showed gundogs who pulled like steam trains on their normal leads and collars but always behaved on their show leads!

hennipenni Mon 22-Jun-15 13:36:06

Yes you can show and do agility, find a reputable ring craft who know about how to show all different breeds. A good ring craft society should also run their own shows too including fun shows which are a good experience for a novice at showing and good for socialising a puppy. I do show, do agility and obedience with my boy - so it can be done.

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