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Puppy house training problems!

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Greyhorses Sun 21-Jun-15 07:50:02

Puppy is 20weeks and still is not properly house trained and I'm not sure what else to try.

She is reliable in the house during the day and has not had an accident for some time however will have 3 or 4 accidents during the night every night.

She is crate trained however will also have accidents in the crate (even though it's small so no extra space)
She is not bothered about weeing in the crate then lying on the wet blanket, she does not care that she is soiling her beds. She spent a long time in hospital as a puppy as she was very sick and had to wee in her cage as she couldn't be vaccinated and it was too risky to take her out so maybe it stems from this? She will quite happily wee in a crate if she's left for a few hours in the day too, but would not do this in the house.
I have tried leaving her out of the crate at night but she will wee and poo everywhere!

I always take her out 2-3 times before bed and try not too feed her too late and she does wee outside before bed. She has not got a uti, and it's only at night or in a crate.

I would be grateful for any ideas smile

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