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Most glamorous of subjects: talk to me about poo bags!

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PacificDogwood Sat 20-Jun-15 07:37:49


I need a supply of cheap-but-sturdy poo bag rolls that fit into one of those dispenser thingies hanging from the lead.
Any ideas?
I'd be happy to buy wholesale tbh as I go through a lot (I pick up neighbourhood poos as well as our own dogs as I'd rather pick it up than stand in it hmm)

Ebay offers a lot, but not sure about how thin and flimsy they might be?
I used to have nappy bags, but they are obviously not rolled up to fit the dispenser and ofter really thin I'd rather not stick my finger through a bag yet again.

Thank you, dog lovers brew

Daffolil Sat 20-Jun-15 08:03:48

I buy in bulk from the Wilkos website, they cope with the 'output' from our border collie. Only 15 on a roll though so you might find you are re-filling your dispenser pretty often. Credit to you for picking up all the poos you find.

PacificDogwood Sat 20-Jun-15 08:25:07

Oh, good tip, thanks, I'll have a look at their offerings.

I am not a saint for picking up other dogs' poo, I am just fed up with scraping poo out of shoes/buggy wheels/on one memorable occasion out from under my toddler's fingernails (he liked picking stuff up hmmenvy<-boak)

MrsPnut Sat 20-Jun-15 08:28:29

We buy ours from the range, they do bags of 8 rolls for £3 and they are thicker than usual. Also try TK Maxx they often have boxes of rolls in.

MissRainbowBrite Sat 20-Jun-15 08:36:48

Home Bargains, 4 rolls for £1. Decent thickness and size.

ArtyKitty Sat 20-Jun-15 09:44:25

Poo bags direct website! They're biodegradable but nice and sturdy.

PacificDogwood Sat 20-Jun-15 11:30:38

Oh, biodegradable AND sturdy?
The holy grail of poo bags grin
Thank you.

GobblersKnob Sat 20-Jun-15 19:50:41

The TKMaxx ones are brilliant, also biodegradable and sturdy wink won't use anything else.

ToomuchChocolatemeansBootcamp Sat 20-Jun-15 20:25:20

I use the packets from Home Bargains, think they are in boxes of 100 as they are very cheap but are actually thicker than other more expensive ones I've tried (I also have a hatred of finger thru bag nightmare) so if they also do ones for your dispenser thingie I would give them a try

Carpaccio Sun 21-Jun-15 15:31:59

We use Earth Rated poop bags and they are really good. Biodegradable, fits into those holders, the quality is very good and they have a perfect shape and size to pick up without any rips, tears or similar issues.
There are two versions, a lavender scented one and an unscented one.

We buy a big bag full at a time on ebay and they are not that expensive.

I even got some for my dad for Christmas (that's what you get for not wanting anything!) and my parents still have some left and they have been really happy with them.

GobblersKnob Sun 21-Jun-15 20:00:41

Carpaccio if you can get to a TKMaxx see if they have Earth Rated, they are all I ever buy and are pretty much always in stock, certainly haven't used any other bags for about the last six/seven years, they are considerably cheaper in TKMaxx than ebay smile

I used to buy the lavender but now the smell reminds me of dog poo, so I buy the unscented ;)

TooOldForGlitter Sun 21-Jun-15 21:16:21

I get mine from b&m bargains. They are 89p for 150 and I just roll a few up and stick them in the holder thing. They have tie handles and I've no complaints.

PacificDogwood Sun 21-Jun-15 22:12:24

I used to do that, Glitter, roll my own poo bags, but it always ended up in a great knotted mess - I think my technique was not right grin

Those Earth Rated ones look good - trip to TKMaxx this week, I think. Thanks for the tip.

Excitedforxmas Sun 21-Jun-15 22:15:38

Also use earth rated. Buy them in bulk from tkmaxx

CordeliaFoxx Sun 21-Jun-15 22:17:27

I use nappy bags, tesco/asda basics, much cheaper and shove them in my pocket! Why does it have to be attached to the lead?

PacificDogwood Sun 21-Jun-15 22:21:51

I like them attached to the lead because then I'll never forget them - I wear a variety of jackets for dog walking (a fleece AND a rain jacket tonight btw - bloody weather hmm) and I either have poo bags fluttering out of every pocket or, even worse, don't have one when I desperately need one.
And I find nappy bags too see-through tbh - 3-4 large and very soft motions a day is not what I want to be seen carrying around grin

TooOldForGlitter Sun 21-Jun-15 22:23:06

Yes must admit I often get frustrated and just stuff them in my pocket instead!

PacificDogwood Sun 21-Jun-15 22:25:12

I once wore a naice blazer-type jacket at work, intended to pull out a tissue and ended up with a handful of Tesco's cheapest nappy bags in my hand - almost blew my nose on them too grin
Naw, I like my holder thingy. It also means that DH and DSs have no excuse to not pick up when they (on rare occasions) walk the mutt.

CordeliaFoxx Sun 21-Jun-15 22:28:05

Too see through?!? Because no one knows what's in them!! Seriously, it's a bag for picking up poo!!

CordeliaFoxx Sun 21-Jun-15 22:29:37

If their poo is that soft you might need to adjust their diet btw, I have 2 big dogs and never had a problem with nappy bags

PacificDogwood Sun 21-Jun-15 22:30:52

I like to maintain a thin veneer of gentility grin

I have stuck my fingers through more than one nappy bag….

Yes, the soft poos/diet situation is under review.

CordeliaFoxx Sun 21-Jun-15 22:42:20

Lol sorry if that came across wrong.

CordeliaFoxx Sun 21-Jun-15 22:44:06

What dogs do you have? I have GSSs and one is really fussy with food, even turned her nose up at a raw diet

CordeliaFoxx Sun 21-Jun-15 22:44:49

GSDs - typing and wine don't mix!

PacificDogwood Sun 21-Jun-15 22:57:49

Greyhound boy, 20 months old, has been with us for 2 months - it's all a learning experience and a bit trial and error smile

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