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Borrow my doggy rant

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Hoppinggreen Thu 18-Jun-15 13:31:03

First of all I know that the site when used properly can be great. We borrow 2 dogs and it works well for all concerned, however some of the owners on there are seriously taking the piss!!
There is 1 lady who is getting a puppy at the end of June and wants someone to look after the poor thing in July as she is going on holiday - why get a puppy and go on holiday??!!
There are also people who just want to avoid dog walking charges and some of the emotionally blackmailing messages I have had have been awful " if you don't take my dog out at least twice a week I will have to rehome him" type thing.
I have seen one today that has totally shocked me - it's an Akita, so large powerful dog and its described by the owner as " unpredictable but loyal"
I appreciate that the vast majority of owners love their dogs and just want a bit of help ( which I have been happy to give and we enjoy it too) but I have serious concerns about the welfare of some of the dogs on the site, I'm tempted to email the site and mention it but what could they do? No evidence of abuse just clueless idiots!!

LimeJellyHead Thu 18-Jun-15 13:48:43

I think you should voice your concerns to them. You never know.

anniebear71 Fri 19-Jun-15 08:47:20

That's awful

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