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Feel terrible after my walk today.

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Greyhorses Wed 17-Jun-15 17:27:40

Background is that I had both of my dogs on a walk on a large field that is in an L shape. Both are large german shepherds but very friendly, little one can be loud. I had big one off lead and one on lead as her recall is not good.

As I was walking a little dog popped around the corner of the L shape off lead. I did not see it sooner but as I turned the corner I saw owner ahead. He did not attempt to recall his dog and seemed unconcerned, the small dog seemed happy enough and came towards mine. My dog then approached it in a friendly way, both dogs still off lead. The small dog seemed okay and my dog went to play (play now and tail wagging) but the smaller dog ran. My dog gave chase thinking this was a great game but the small dog kept running as it must have got a fright, I managed to call mine back after a few seconds once I realised what happened but the small one kept running, across the field and over the road and disappeared.
I stayed for a few moments but could not see the dog at all and its owner ran off looking for it. I'm not even sure where it went but I didn't want to follow incase my dog scared it more and it ran again. I also had second dog with me who barks her head off when people are near her and I thought it might scare the dog if I did get near it.

I feel so terrible about it and now am dreading walking there again incase I see the man and get into an argument about it. My dog was not aggressive but he is large and I'm sure the man thought he was. He was playing as he does with all dogs and he has never ever shown signs of aggression. He has lots of dog friends and is even used to test out dogs with behavuour issues so I sm sure he is friendly. I think both of us were at fault but I hope his dog is okay and not injured sad

SurlyCue Wed 17-Jun-15 17:33:07

Dont feel too bad. Did he even try to call his dog back? It was maybe just one of those things neither of you expected to happen. Or maybe his dog has form for it? You dont know.

Greyhorses Wed 17-Jun-15 17:44:01

He didn't make any attempt to call it back at first, He let it come up to mine and said nothing so I thought it was fine. My dog is enthusiastic and bounced up to it after it came up to him and scared it and it just bolted. He tried to shout it back once it was running but it wouldn't stop.
I just hope it dosent cause problems as the field is behind my house and I don't want anyone thinking my dog is savage or any trouble. It's hard enough having a scary looking breed without a reputation too blush

sulee Wed 17-Jun-15 20:12:56

Dont beat yourself up. These things happen as a dog owner. I have three dogs, small, medium and large and I have various issues with small and medium and never let them off lead unless the coast is clear. My big GSD cross is a softy but as you say, little dogs (mine included) can be spooked by big dogs. I live on the edge of fields too but bottom line is, if your dog is off lead, you take your chances unless the other off lead dog is aggressive. Lack of recall is the other no-no, but again your dog came back, whereas his didn't.

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Wed 17-Jun-15 21:26:46

Not your fault. He needs to practice his recall a bit more from now on.

Hope he found it though.

TooOldForGlitter Fri 19-Jun-15 19:50:29

I don't think you did anything wrong really. You sensibly has the dog with a less reliable recall on lead and you recalled the other instantly. I do hope the other owner found their dog but in this instance i don't think you are at fault.

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