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poodles !

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thriftychicken Mon 15-Jun-15 16:20:49

I have wanted to get a dog for years but when ds2 was younger he was allergic to them ( the german shepherd his granny had anyway)
recently my SIL has been visiting us alot and bringing her dog , its a jack russell x bichon and ds2 has been fine with it .

Hes 16 now so either hes grown out of it or hes fine with none shedding breeds perhaps , anyway ive been looking into it and i think a poodle would be a good choice for us .

im thinking miniature size.

thing is , i have no idea how to find a well bred , healthy one , likely to have a good temperament . i have heard that some can be highly strung so want to lessen the chances of this .
can anyone give me any advice about poodles and finding one please ?
i live in manchester but could travel .

SmartAlecMetalGit Mon 15-Jun-15 22:17:20

My first port of call would be the breed clubs. Your regional club would be the North Western Poodle Club, they don't appear to have a website but there are contact details for them on the Kennel Club site.

There's also a national club specifically for the miniature; Miniature Poodle Club.

They should be able to direct you to some breeders.

thriftychicken Tue 16-Jun-15 09:53:26

thanks , i'll check it out smile

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