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Pet insurance - help please

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JessePinkmansHoody Thu 11-Jun-15 10:36:37

Tesco want to charge me almost £40 a month for a new year of insurance for my 10 year old Labrador. It's gone up almost a tenner a month from the existing year and I struggled with that!! I can't afford this! But I am scared not have her insured in case of a big vet bill!

Please can anyone offer quick advice of who to change to

tabulahrasa Thu 11-Jun-15 11:03:54

£40 a month for a 10yr old lab isn't a huge amount...I think you'll struggle to find anything cheaper tbh, some companies won't even take on a new policy for a dog that age.

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Thu 11-Jun-15 11:10:17

I'd say that's a bargain actually, sorry.

Nanasueathome Thu 11-Jun-15 11:15:02

The quote seems fine to me
You would possibly have difficulty changing at this stage and it may work out more expensive if you do
A lot of e let insurance companies set a limit of 8 years old for any new policies

Nanasueathome Thu 11-Jun-15 11:17:24

The iPad is making its own words up now
Should read a lot of insurance companies...
Incidentally, I had a 10 year old Dalmatian previously who had a lot of problems in her last year and the premium went up to over £60 a month
It was still cheaper than the MRI scan and operation she had to have, followed by ongoing treatment and medication for her last 18 months

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Thu 11-Jun-15 11:19:25

My friends dog never had any insurance and when she rescued it, it was too old to insure. It currently has £270 worth of medication a month. I don't know how she does it.

HarimadSol Thu 11-Jun-15 12:08:32

Please bear in mind that if you do change companies, some problems that your dog may have had will be "preexisting conditions" and will therefore be excluded from cover. Research thoroughly!

WeAllHaveWings Thu 11-Jun-15 13:13:27

we are £30/month for a 2 year old lab (petplan). £40 for a 10 yr old sounds ok, I don't think you would get it cheaper anywhere else.

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