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Irish wolfhounds and "one day I'll have one" dogs

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Helgathehairy Fri 05-Jun-15 21:49:49

I'm in love. Was at a garden show thing today and there were two different ones. They were so beautiful and chilled and HUGE. I used to think my golden was big! It's really not practical for me to have one now but really hope to one day.

Any dog on your "one day I'll have one" list?

HookedOnHooking Fri 05-Jun-15 21:55:01

Red lab
Chocolate dachshund
Italian greyhound

iklboo Fri 05-Jun-15 21:56:41

Jack Russell

MagpieCursedTea Fri 05-Jun-15 21:57:48


mistlethrush Fri 05-Jun-15 22:00:02

You can get lurchers with a bit of wolfhound in which tends to slightly reduce the size issue and prolong life expectancy.

My 'must have' 'designer' dog is sprawled on her bed at my feet - a scruffy, rescued lurcher, possibly grey/bedlington/Deerhound but might have some alsatian in there somewhere

QueenQueenie Fri 05-Jun-15 22:00:59

Another Italian Greyhound
A Parsons Jack Russell
More Bedlingtons!
A Chinese Crested...

CoogerAndDark Fri 05-Jun-15 22:02:26

I know a gorgeous large lurcher/wolfhound type. Very well behaved and placid.

I would like a GSD.

OhHolyFuck Fri 05-Jun-15 22:04:44


If love one, I watch YouTube videos of them and have a name picked out and everything, not sure I'll ever get one though sad

SmartAlecMetalGit Fri 05-Jun-15 22:10:28

An azawakh. Absolutely stunning creatures. I'd love a bitch who would be be adored and worshipped by my whippet boys. I even have a name picked out blush

I'd also love a borzoi but that will never happen, as much as I love then I just couldn't cope with the hair on a day to day basis.

SunshineAndShadows Fri 05-Jun-15 22:14:38

Standard poodle - utterly beautiful (with a sensible clip)

Asleeponasunbeam Fri 05-Jun-15 22:20:55

Someone on our road has an Italian greyhound. She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Makes my (gorgeous!) springer look like a hefty thug.
One day...

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Fri 05-Jun-15 22:25:42

Briard - French sheep dog.


ancientbuchanan Fri 05-Jun-15 22:29:10


St. Bernard
English and Irish setters
Miniature longhaired red dachshund, despite the bad back, bad fight, arthritis
Italian greyhound

Did I say saluki?
We have a jrt.

wecanmanagenow Fri 05-Jun-15 22:29:28

Retired gundog preferably chocolate lab
Another shihtzu
Female rottweiler
Black pug

Hoppinggreen Fri 05-Jun-15 22:34:09

Red setter and/or Golden Retriever. DH says I can have as of this year but " only a small one". Well either of those 2 STARTS small!!

Ebb Fri 05-Jun-15 22:35:58

My boss had a wolfhound. She was adorable and such a gentle giant. They had the house and land to keep her though.

I'd love a border collie.

moosemama Fri 05-Jun-15 22:40:26

Wolfhounds are gorgeous and used to be on mine and dh's 'must have one day list'. We had the most gorgeous golden one come and swim with our dogs in the sea in Ireland one year and were absolutely smitten, but having lost a dog to cancer aged 7 years, the life expectancy would seriously put us off. We do have a luvverly 10 year old Deerhound/Saluki x Greyhound (or possibly Whippet)/Collie though and he is just the sweetest, gentlest lump of love. smile

SmartAlec Azawakh's are stunning, but I'm told very, er ... interesting to look after. Same with Sloughis that were also on my must have list, until I chatted with an owner one day.

Dh and I both dream about having an enormous old style GSD like our very first dog (rescued her aged 7) again one day, but understand that it's extremely unlikely we could ever find one like our old girl.

We both love Leonbergers and Bernese Mountain Dogs, but again, it's the life expectancy thing.

I think our next dog will most likely be a Whippet or Whippet Lurcher, as we'll need a dog that can keep up with Pip. I'd love a Beddie/Whippet, but having known quite a few am not sure I'm man enough for the challenge. blush

I do love naughty terriers, particularly Parsons JRTs, but don't think we have the right environment for one where we are now (noise sensitive attached neighbours). My Aunt has two and they're completely bonkers but so unbelievably cute. grin

Sgtmajormummy Fri 05-Jun-15 22:44:49

I'd love a Sheltie or a Red Setter, both of which tend to snap, or so I've heard.
Previous dogs were Border Collie (such a people pleaser) and Fox Terrier (mind of her own) but nothing for the last 16 years. And not likely to, either...sad

SmartAlecMetalGit Fri 05-Jun-15 22:47:25

Azawakh's are stunning, but I'm told very, er ... interesting to look after.

Yes grin The potential for getting one is definitely very dependent on a lifestyle change for us. If it doesn't happen they'll remain a dream and I'll stick with the whippets and maybe investigate the Cirneco dell'Etna a bit more

justcallmethefixer Fri 05-Jun-15 23:07:57

2 boxers, Frank & Ali

justcallmethefixer Fri 05-Jun-15 23:10:02

rottweiler called goth

justcallmethefixer Fri 05-Jun-15 23:12:58

Sorry was meant to be one post now 3blush on mobile app.
I work full time and can not see this changing til retirement so fantasy dogs are all I can have unfortunately sad

CandyAppleFudge Sat 06-Jun-15 06:36:25

Dobermann called Zorro
Belgian Malinois called Bear
Sadly both of my dogs wouldn't accept to kindly to having new dogs in the house

Bubble2bubble Sat 06-Jun-15 09:19:01

Have to admit a wolfhound was my dream dog for so long until I found out about their health problems and short life sad

Some day I will have a pack of setters - working breed, any colour ( though one of each would be good). I will take them out to huge open spaces every day and just watch them run and my life will be complete smile

In my old age I can very well see myself with a few deerhound/ lurcher/ greyhound types though..

TobleroneBoo Sat 06-Jun-15 09:35:25

Bernese mountain dog and / or ( but probably and) Dalmatian smile

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