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Why the hell is he doing this?

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TooOldForGlitter Sun 31-May-15 11:59:06

Yesterday afternoon my dog started displaying this weird, highly irritating behaviour. Standing at the back door to be let out, I let him out, he turns and stands at the door staring back inside. He did it a million times yesterday to the point I left the back door open. He's doing it again today, whining and whining to go out, I ignore him for ten minutes but he doesn't stop so I let him out. He turns and stands staring back in.

Its driving me nuts and I've no idea what's going on. Any ideas?

insanityscatching Sun 31-May-15 13:10:55

Could he have scent of a bitch? Eric used to cry a lot when the bitch next door was in season. The bitch has died now but if Eric was behaving like yours now I'd think he wanted me to go out with him.He's quite clingy at times and there would most likely be a ball or something come over the fence that I'd need to inspect before he believed he was safe hmm

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