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A worthwhile expense or a big con?

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EdYouKateShaun Tue 26-May-15 14:18:06

I took DDog to get her booster vaccination today. We took her on when she was 7 months but she was fully vaccinated and we have her card from her previous owners.

The vet said that she is vaccinated against 2 strains of lepto but that the vaccine had now been 'updated' to cover 2 additional stains. Fine but in order for DDog to be covered she'll need another booster in 4 weeks.

I'm a bit sceptical if I'm honest. Is it really worth it? Are there problems with lepto or is it a bit of a con?

EasyToEatTiger Tue 26-May-15 14:48:23

Lepto is a killer. We've had all our dogs done with the full cover. I really don't think vets vaccinate for funsmile

AddictedtoGreys Tue 26-May-15 18:22:51

I know all about this, work in a vets. yes even though your dog has been fully vaccinated before, she will now need 2 vaccines again for the new lepto 4 vaccine just like when she was a puppy. this is to ensure that she us fully protected against the new strains of lepto that have entered the UK. There have been confirmed cases and deaths in the UK so it is worth giving her the 2 vaccinees and having peace of mind smile

EdYouKateShaun Tue 26-May-15 18:40:22

Okay thanks. Good to know.

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