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Neighbour has complained

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worriedpup Sun 17-May-15 21:07:54

Have name-changed for this. I have a 20-week-old pointer pup who is very lively and bouncy but doing brilliantly with training (we do gundog and general obedience classes) and in general is a pleasure to have around. I work from home so pup is rarely left alone, though I make the effort to put him in another room by himself from time to time or leave him outside for a bit while I'm working so that he gets used it. I've built this up and am confident that he can go 2-3 hours quite happily now. However, today a neighbour (from a few doors down) came round to complain about him barking. I know he did bark yesterday while we were out as he was (unusually) barking and upset when we came back - I'd tried leaving him outside in an enclosed section of our garden as he'd been settled happily outside there before we left (he had access to water, shade, and shelter). Clearly that didn't work and I explained that to our neighbour and apologised and said we'd keep him indoors in future as we had done previously (he's usually curled asleep when I come back). However, she said that the barking was an ongoing issue, that he barks every night until 11pm, and that she knows it is the same dog as it was the same bark as yesterday. I told her that this could not be the case as we don't go out in the evenings (we have young children - our last night out was 3 months ago, before we even had the pup) and she said that she knew we had grandparents babysitting! I'm really worried that she has an issue with our dog in general (for some unknown reason) and that she will take it further. Has anyone else had a case of mistaken dog identity - any advice on what I can do? I've knocked on our immediate neighbours' doors and no-one has any complaints (though apparently the complaining neighbour is known to be a troublemaker). I should probably just ignore it but I'm so worried, is it worth pre-emptively contacting the council or is that a bad idea?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 17-May-15 21:18:07

Which of your other neighbours have got dogs?
If she;s several doors away , how can she possibly know it's your dog?

Can you hear other dogs when you know your own dog is being quiet or out of the house?
She does sound a bit nosey/troublemaker TBH.

Go to her house and see what you can hear. If you can hear barking, is it your boy? How loud?

(I have dogs on either side of me. One gives a stern deep woof then no more. The other is a yappy little turd small whiney vocal type. I just mutter "Oh, FFS belt up" under my breath but Dogs Bark!.
I wouldn't go round to my NDN about it )

worriedpup Sun 17-May-15 21:28:23

My NDN on other side (not next to her) has two dogs who live outside. They bark when owners are coming and going but nothing prolonged or that bothers me at all. There are a few dogs on our street but I can't remember ever being annoyed by any of them. I guess some people are more sensitive to it. Asking around, apparently there is some late night dog barking from a dog a street away. I woukd be much nearer than complainer though so not sure it's tgat she's hearing. Worried she's just mad and making it up! Iihht try loitering outside her house to listen later though!

worriedpup Sun 17-May-15 21:29:35

Sorry for awful typing - I'm all riled up!

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Sun 17-May-15 21:42:14

I'd be riled up too, what a daft cow. Unless she can actually prove its your dog, which of course she can't, just ignore her. If she's known to be a troublemaker no one else will take any notice of her either.

worriedpup Sun 17-May-15 22:08:45

Thanks, I'm calming down now. Pup is clearly gearing up for his nightly barkathon by snoring on my lap - I'm going to have a large lapdog at this rate! I know it's not him as he's generally fast asleep by 8pm at the latest so I just have to forget it. If she's daft enough to pursue it the onus is on her to prove it and she won't be able to. Hell really is other people sometimes!

Floralnomad Sun 17-May-15 22:23:17

It might be worth keeping a notebook of times / dates you leave him alone and times / dates he barks when you are in to hear him that way if she does complain you can show your book and hopefully disprove it being your dog that she is hearing IYSWIM ( I read somewhere that this was what the council recommended to someone who had had a complaint about their dog )

worriedpup Sun 17-May-15 22:37:29

Good thinking - it certainly wouldn't hurt to have a record to hand. Thanks.

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