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Dog with diarrhoea- what's the up to date treatment?

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basildonbond Fri 15-May-15 16:03:34

Ddog (21 months) has got diarrhoea- it's liquid but not watery (sorry for tmi)

Am I right in thinking the advice is no longer to starve for 24 hours? So I feed him but what? Bland food? normal diet? Usual amount? I'm confused!

Lonecatwithkitten Fri 15-May-15 16:09:47

The current thinking is that normal food gets the gut working normally the fastest. So no starving and normal diet. If it does not settle after 24 hours it is worth seeing a vet.

nmg85 Fri 15-May-15 17:11:11

Our vet suggested plain rice and chicken when our puppy had it

basildonbond Fri 15-May-15 17:24:28

Thanks lonecat

nmg85 - that's what I've done in the past but I thought that advice had now been superseded

nmg85 Mon 18-May-15 09:18:53

This was in Feb that I received the advice. She just had it again thanks to eating a dead bird and it worked. I mixed a little dry food in after day 1 though.

Lonecatwithkitten Mon 18-May-15 09:27:12

Nmg what have described is the most up to date advice from the research institutions. Whilst the chicken and rice may reduce the amount of diarrhoea you see it does take the gut longer to fully heal.

SistersofPercy Mon 18-May-15 14:21:32

I usually go for scrambled egg, just something light for 24 hours.

MarcoPoloCX Mon 18-May-15 16:47:10

Cooked pumpkin flesh.

WeAllHaveWings Mon 18-May-15 17:03:22

We stick with the same food (maybe slightly less than normal) and if no improvement then go to vets.

He likes dead things and have seen no real difference in recovery times with chicken or normal food.

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