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bark beats box anyone?

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SistersofPercy Tue 12-May-15 23:10:50

I've seen friends have beauty boxes and the like delivered monthly but didn't realise there was one for dogs.
I had an ad in my Facebook timeline earlier for a half price box so went to investigate. £14.99 a month is probably a bit beyond my budget (though to be fair I probably do spend that on Murphy with toys and extra treats) but I figured at £7.45 delivered it was probably worth a one off box.

Contents seem to look good. Box ships towards the end of the month so we'll find out then If it's a hit or not with him.

Code is BB745 and website is if anyone else fancies a little indulgence.


user1472844500 Fri 02-Sep-16 20:41:24

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SistersOfPercy Tue 06-Sep-16 15:56:37

As this was bumped by a spammer I'm going to add that despite my initial excitement for this it's crap.

Content is poor, think B&M/Poundland toys. Treats are mostly foreign stuff that I imagine they pick up cheaply, they are often mouldy as well.

The 'one off box' will still put you on a subscription, which at the time wasn't especially clear until £14.99 was taken out of my account the following month.

There is also a clause in the T&C's which basically says that they can cancel your box, without refund for any reason they choose, so in theory if you complain they can cancel you and keep your cash.

Their FB page is full at the start of every month of people complaining that they have been charged without realising they were now on subscription.

All in all, AVOID

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