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Should i report my neighbours dog ?

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myusernameisusername Mon 11-May-15 18:08:59

Neighbour across the road has a spaniel of some sort i think its a King Charles. this dog ia kept in a garden with low brick walls which it likes to jump over into other people's yards and onto the road my neighbour seems to do nothing about this and just chases him and picks him up yelling his name over and over no commands or scolding or anything just him name that's all she ever or anyone else ever says to him hmm this dog also has a chronic barking problem he barks all day and all night to the chorus of his name in the background from his owner again no command to tell him to stop or anything he never goes out for walks or anything either ive lived here for 8 months nearly and he has never been on a lead outside the garden (he's chained to a pipe or something when he's in the garden) the lady who owns hom is about 55-60 a miserable nasty looking woman never says hello never talks to anyone etc i think she has a husband living there never seen anyone coming put of the house except her and people maybe her kids coming to visit confused is it just me or is that a messed up situation that needs light shedding on it ?

tropicalfish Mon 11-May-15 22:49:06

I would report her. She sounds incredibly selfish to let her dog bark in such a way that it disturbs other people.

myusernameisusername Tue 12-May-15 15:48:39

DH says I'm BU and that's totally normal way for a dog to live. i told him its a spaniel a breed that should be living in the countryside and going for 4 hour walks a day because of the amount of energy they possess i know few people who actually keep them in cities and towns

PUGaLUGS Tue 12-May-15 15:51:27

I would definitely report her.

TrueFact Tue 12-May-15 15:55:54

Yes report. The dogs needs aren't being met nor is it 'under control', it could well cause a car accident.

Greydog Tue 12-May-15 16:02:21

report it. My SIL had a similar situation, and didn't report it. She was very upset when the dog finally escaped and was run over in front of her house

myusernameisusername Tue 12-May-15 17:59:15

Will call Rspca tomorrow then thanks guys

basildonbond Tue 12-May-15 19:05:12

Well it sounds like it's having a miserable life but if it's a King Charles spaniel it was bred to be a lapdog not go on 4 hour walks! It's perfectly possible to have spaniels of all kinds in a city hmm

pigsDOfly Tue 12-May-15 20:04:36

No it isn't a normal way for dog to live, whatever sort of dog it is.

Please report it.

If RSPCA won't do anything try the local dog warden.

myusernameisusername Tue 12-May-15 20:48:47

i though spaniel breeds were country dogs because they are in the working/hunting dog category confused still going to phone RSPCA he's so neglected it's heartbreaking

Lara2 Tue 12-May-15 21:47:30

Don't hold your breath hoping the RSPCA will do anything - in my experience they're worse than useless.

myusernameisusername Tue 12-May-15 21:59:35

Would it be better calling my local council ?

Toughasoldboots Tue 12-May-15 22:11:24

I have a cavalier, they are lap dogs, very needy and hate being on their own.

Chattymummyhere Wed 13-May-15 16:38:59

As long as the dog is fed/watered and in a healthy condition the rspca cannot and will not do anything.

The council you can phone about the barking and the dog warden for when it's out with no lead (not under controll)

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