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Dog and the neighbour.

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deste Mon 11-May-15 12:40:11

We have a residential holiday home that we visit most weekends. We love it there, very relaxing and long walks along the beach for my daughters dog when we have him. We got a new neighbour last year and she complained about the cold and almost everything else, the husband is so henpecked he hardly speaks. When on his own he is fine. They live in France in winter and also have a house 12 miles away. They come and go between the house and caravan as they are retired. She used to hide from us but we made an effort to be friendly anyway. Our place is immaculate, very tidy lovely garden and we are quiet. At the end of last season she said she loved it. This year we are told by the site owner that she is selling it and buying a new one somewhere else on the site. When I asked why they said the children opposite were too noisy. Yesterday we were outside and the dog barked on three different occasions. Each time she went back inside so it obvious it's the dog. I'm now feeling bad and now on edge every time he barks. Anyone else been in this situation. The dog sleeps most of the time because he is exhausted from the walks. When he barks we quiet him down.

EasyToEatTiger Mon 11-May-15 12:50:37

What has it got to do with you? If this retired couple don't want to live near children, it's their choice. It's nothing to do with you. If they've said it's the children, it's the children. People speak. Nearly all dogs bark. Better to concentrate on your life than worry about the movements of others.

WeAllHaveWings Mon 11-May-15 14:04:03

The couple may have low tolerance levels to children and/or dogs. They aren't complaining about you or demanding something is done, they are moving to another location.

Your post doesn't have a question, but I don't think its something to be concerned about.

deste Mon 11-May-15 15:35:58

Sorry for the lack of paragraphs, I had to leave quickly.

deste Mon 11-May-15 15:50:52

Thanks, I am a bit of a worrier, your right but I'm not worried about them or interested in them, as I said above I had to leave early so didn't finish the post.

I shall carry on as normal and hope they move sooner rather later, I hate being stressed.

I thought I was being unreasonable in having a dog that barked occasionally, not constantly, although we do try and keep him quiet.

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