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Lovely, lovely Border Collie people.... HELP!!!!!

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EasyToEatTiger Mon 11-May-15 11:44:54

We have kept bcs now for 15+ years, and maybe we've been lucky to have some of the most laid back relaxed hmm dogs in the world, or maybe I've just forgotten what we went through. Our pup is nearly 5 months old and SOOOO highly strung, I'm not sure how to help her. She drags herself on the lead, crying and lurching at everything that moves, oblivious to us being there. I have taken her out and treated her for not lurching around and focussing on me. Is it simply more and more of the same, on her own, without the distraction of the other dogs? I don't know if it is fear or anxiety or excitement, and really I feel as though I should by now. Pup can be really very calm and relaxed. She has also decided that other people shouldn't be there. Gah.

KatharineClifton Mon 11-May-15 11:54:53

I can't help because my BC's are only 3 months, but watching just in case. Clicker training is usually recommended on here and looks quite good.

JenYc Tue 12-May-15 09:07:08

I have only had a BC for three years but she is a very anxious dog - its been a massively steep learning curve! I think it sounds like your pup is overwhelmed by everything outdoors so if it were me, I think I'd start by keeping her world much smaller for now and gradually build up. Can you just spend time in the garden, or front street doing some of your focus work? only venture two houses down and back and forth?

Strawberryflip Thu 14-May-15 23:18:04

I'd agree with jenYc, some BC's seem to find the world just too over stimulating at first. Keep it all close to home and take baby steps towards going further.
It took me the best part of 6 months to get past the end of the drive with mine - but 3 years on he is fine. Well, a bit of a Mummy's boy but just gorgeous!
Good luck x

EasyToEatTiger Fri 15-May-15 14:07:41

I think I am making some progress with pup. Yesterday and today I took her out with the boys, who mostly come and lie down and stay put when they're told, and everyone had lots of sweeties while we waited for pup to join the party and stop rounding us up and staring. She did eventually join us which was fantastic. Today we did the same kind of thing. I added a bit before we started, without effect, so I thought. By the end of our time, she was racing back to me, close up for a sweetie, and responding better to her name. I have made an appointment with a sheepdog trainer who has helped with another of our dogs and who has come recommended by our trainer.

I feel vindicated, as I have been slated for finding a method of training my dogs that works but which doesn't fall into the newest, most progressive category, and the newest methods for most pet dogs are simply inappropriate. I think it is important to do what works for you and your dog to keep everyone safe.

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