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'Settle' mat recommendations please

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basildonbond Sat 09-May-15 20:50:18

Ddog settles beautifully at home on his bed or the rug and I can send him there when I need him to be out of the way and he's perfectly happy.

However when we're out and about he can find it a lot harder to settle quietly. I was wondering if taking a mat with us if we went to a cafe or pub would help him relax but his bed is too big to be practical.

I'm after something easily transportable with a bit of padding to make it comfy. Ddog is a Toller - about the size of an English springer spaniel

CMOTDibbler Sat 09-May-15 21:03:28

Milgi do a dog bed for this sort of need, and will make to any size you like.

Or you could fold a fleece blanket to your desired size and stitch through the layers at each corner to hold it together

Ephedra Sat 09-May-15 21:04:40

We always used a carpet square/tile that cost about 25p but anything would work. Although the dogs comfort is important, a dog can be taught to settle anywhere and should be able to settle even if you forget the mat.

A friend (who has tollers) used to use a bit of cardboard or a scrap paper if she had forgotten a proper mat (which was often). All of her dogs were taught to settle/go to whatever she had and settle there.

WeAllHaveWings Sat 09-May-15 21:23:50

a bit of Vet Bed cut to size?

basildonbond Sun 10-May-15 17:17:13

Thanks for the suggestions smile

Donki Tue 12-May-15 00:18:05

I use a bit of vet bed - and also have a toller. One year old today!

ARightOldPickle Tue 12-May-15 08:40:23

I had the same problem with my dally, fleece was no good as it slips around on hard floors (she's a fidget!)
I found a crate liner at half price in a garden centre pet section and it's just the job. Good size, lightly padded with memory foam, non slip underneath and washable. She loves it and we take it out and about and to training classes so she sits at my side between exercises. At full price it would have been too expensive but there are quite a lot of different types available.

basildonbond Tue 12-May-15 20:24:12

Thanks pickle and donki - and happy birthday to donki-toller grin

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