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Well we're making some progress with Monty in some areas, not so much in others!

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MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Tue 05-May-15 10:41:39

After sleeping on the sofa for a few nights I managed to sneak out of the living room and leave him curled up in his crate on one of my old jumpers and he now sleeps through the night. Such a relief to be getting more sleep. He has a last wee about half eleven and then goes through till about seven. Am so pleased! grin

On the downside the toilet training isn't going as well as we thought. He's decided that going indoors is much nicer than going outdoors. Twice yesterday I was in the utility room with the back door wide open and before I knew it he'd had a wee on the floor beside me. Last night he bopped down right in front of dh and me and started to go on the rug. hmm Dh scooped him up mid flow and ran him outside. My hall carpet is covered in clean spots. I know they say it can take months to toilet train but we were doing so well! <wail>

Am going to take him to a puppy class tomorrow night. That will be an eye opener I'm sure. I've been saying 'sit' every time he sits and rewarding him and I've also been saying 'Monty come!!!!' in my bestest most exciting voice whenever he runs towards me. No idea if it's sinking in yet. grin

He's still as adorable as ever though.

basildonbond Tue 05-May-15 11:41:13

He is just scrummy smile

Have you joined the Facebook group, dog training advice and support - they have very comprehensive files on basic puppy training things like toilet training - really well worth a look

With Fitz we had to watch him like a hawk and as soon as he started sniffing/circling whisked him outside - we found that having the door open all the time actually confused him a bit as in his mind there wasn't much distinction between indoors and outdoors

I remember posting on here in despair when he was about 15 weeks old after having had a good few weeks as we were still having accidents - then suddenly it all clicked and he's been completely reliable ever since

It does happen eventually but Monty is still only a baby

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Tue 05-May-15 12:48:11

He is, I know, but I thought we doing so well.... grin

Just had to take him down the vets as I thought he'd swallowed a stone! They xrayed him and nothing there, needless to say, but I couldn't leave it. Now got to tell dh about the £97 bill. blush It looked for all the world like he had it in his mouth and swallowed it but it wasn't in there. Little sod. I must watch him more closely!

honeyandfizz Tue 05-May-15 17:56:30

Sounds like a sweetie smile we've had our cockapoo pup for 2 weeks today and he's 11 weeks old. Decided not to crate train after 4 solid nights of howling/distress, having read your posts I realise I should have stayed downstairs with him. Anyway he has been sleeping soundly in the lounge on his fleece from 9pm - 6pm not a peep until last night when he howled to come upstairs with me!! I ended up on the sofa until 2am then snuck off to bed.

He's developed a strong bond to me as I'm at home more. He's still having a lot of wee accidents but does go straight out for his first thing in the morning wee & poo but then will come in & pee in the kitchen! The sleep thing is where I'm confused - I've no idea that to do for the best. I have anxiety issues & his howling I cannot bear so give in very quickly. sad

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Tue 05-May-15 21:10:40

I found sneaking out last thing at night so he didn't notice we'd gone was the best solution. Once he was asleep he was fine but if he realised that he'd been left on his own he'd whine. Someone suggested leaving a jumper with my scent on in his bed. Seemed to work last night, he went from midnight till seven this morning.

We put his crate in the kitchen to start with and he had me up twice that night. The next night I sat beside his crate till he fell asleep. He was wide awake by six so I got up and let him out for a wee, but of course he wouldn't settle back in his crate so I shut the kitchen door and curled myself up on the padded bench seat in the kitchen and fell asleep. The night after that we moved his crate to the living room and I slept on the sofa which was much more comfortable.

It might take a while but he'll settle eventually. Can you sleep downstairs? Or move his bed into your bedroom?

PacificDogwood Tue 05-May-15 21:27:03

Aw, he is/you are doing so well! smile

I've just mopped up pee from our 20 months of greyhound - who was 'kennel trained' and after a couple of excitement pees on the first day had been doing to well in the last 10 days since he arrived here… I feel your pain. And he still barks for attention when we go to bed hmm

He's great though, and your Monty is SOOOO cute - surely you'd forgive him anything!

Dogs - who'd have 'em?! grin

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Wed 06-May-15 00:02:05

He's not so cute at the moment. He's woken up and been outside for a wee and now he's wide awake in his crate playing with a rope.

I want to go to bed but he'll see meee! And he'll whiiiiiiine!

honeyandfizz Wed 06-May-15 06:11:12

Thanks for the advice. Last night he was brilliant again. Because he cries for me I went to bed earlier whilst he was asleep, I put the duvet on the sofa so it looked like I was asleep on there like I had slept the night before. He didn't make a peep. Came down at 5.30am to a wee in the kitchen but he's gone straight outside for another wee & poo. He will be by himself all morning though as I'm at work today & will come home at lunch. We have started leaving him for longer periods, always with a kong & he doesn't even look up when we leave. I linger by the front door to see if I can hear him but I haven't heard any barking yet. I popped round to the neighbours yesterday to see if they had heard him & they haven't so I'm hoping he is coping ok when we are out. I leave the radio/tv on too! It's bloomin stressful & worrying have this new one to think of it really is like a new baby!

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Wed 06-May-15 10:14:50

Oh god I know. At least babies wear nappies!

I left my phone filming him one morning when I walked the dds to school. I left him with a kong with peanut butter smeared inside and he was so engrossed in that he didn't even look up when we left.

It took him about five minutes to finish that and then he went mental. Whining, barking, howling, jumping up at the baby gate, biting at a bag I'd accidentally left out. He was doing this pretty much non stop for about ten minutes until he heard me come home and then he sat nice and quiet. I hope I didn't reward him by returning because he was still going mental when he heard me coming. At least when I actually came in and greeted him he was quiet and I didn't reinforce the howling in person.

I have noticed that he tends to want a nap about half an hour after he's eaten so I've started leaving his breakfast until about eight o'clock. By the time we were ready for school he was tired so I popped him in his comfy bed in his crate and left. I filmed him again and this time he was sound asleep. Much less distressing for him.

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