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Dog growling at larger dog

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IDcode Mon 04-May-15 07:35:41

My cocker spaniel is 11 months and for last couple of months has got nastier and nastier to bigger dogs when on his lead on initial contact.

Off lead he is incredibly submissive and lays on his back waiting for them to come over and plays great.

On his lead he growls and if the keep coming to him he'll snap at them (never bitten) as soon as they back off he wants to be their friend and is tail wagging and all happy.

They just have to back off first.

How can I train him to be friendly from the start? He wants to play and be sociable just seems to get scared on initial encounter of large dogs.

No dog has ever shown him any form of agression.

Dogs his side and smaller he's a complete softy.

Any advice gratefully received.

DunelmDoris Mon 04-May-15 21:42:56 smile

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