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I think my dog is dying

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foolserrand Sat 02-May-15 21:06:51

He's bee offcuts food for about a week now. Violent diarrhoea. He's booked in to see the vet this week, but I don't think he will make it to the appointment. He's lost so much weight, he's little more than a skeleton now and has lost all muscle in his left hind. In a week!

My friend, who is a vet, has remotely diagnosed osteosarcoma. He has likely have been ill for ages, but there have been no signs.

He's my baby. We rescued him at a year old and he's been with my through everything. I can't lose him. His breathing has slowed right down and he's not moving much. I don't want to go to bed just in case....

Someone please, tell me what to do. My heart is breaking.

Mitzi50 Sat 02-May-15 21:12:58

sad no advice but so sorry to hear this - does your vet have an out of hours service?

Summerwood1 Sat 02-May-15 21:17:41

Can you take him to an emergency vet?

foolserrand Sat 02-May-15 21:24:30

We've got a vet school near. They have an out of hours. Will get oh to call them. He's perked up again for a bit, but I know the next dip will be lower and longer. Oh god, how am I going to tell ds?

DunelmDoris Sat 02-May-15 22:21:10

If this is osteosarcoma then he needs pain relief - surely your friend has encouraged you to see a vet for this? Please don't leave him suffering sad it's a really painful disease.

measles64 Sat 02-May-15 22:23:34

Call the vet and stay with him, I suspect you are right. As long as he knows you are there he will be at peace however this turns out. ((hugs))

Scuttlebutter Sat 02-May-15 22:42:21

Get him to the vet, immediately. If he does have cancer, he is in desperate need of pain relief, and if he is this ill, he deserves a decent death rather than lingering in pain.

foolserrand Sat 02-May-15 22:47:37

Ooh won't see him until tomorrow. He doesn't seem in pain. The poor lad is a terrible wimp, I'd know! He's definitely uncomfortable though, I think that's down to how skinny he is.

I'm staying with him tonight, oh will swap with me if the dc's wake up. If anything changes, I'm taking him down and banging on the doors until someone sees him.

noddingoff Sun 03-May-15 17:22:18

Did the out of hours veterinary service refuse to see the him? That's most unusual. Please let your normal vets know this, even if he has already passed away....they need to know the service that is being offered - or not offered - to their clients.
I hope he has had a more peaceful night.

fattymcfatfat Sun 03-May-15 17:27:42

OP sending thanks
my dog passed away last night. I'm heartbroken. he wasn't in any pain though and went in his sleep. I hope it is peaceful for yours. sad

Gileswithachainsaw Sun 03-May-15 17:28:25

fond a vet who will see him. If he's had diarrhea he's possibly just really really dehydrated and fluids could help.
You can't just leave him. You have no diagnosis you can't just assume he's dying when there's possibly something that can help. He needs seeing now please don't leave him sad

foolserrand Tue 05-May-15 12:22:58

Quick update, he's in the vets. Kicked up a fuss and our vet opened up for him. He's having tests, but they're quite positive.

spiderlight Tue 05-May-15 14:05:50

I hope you get good news from the vets.

EasyToEatTiger Tue 05-May-15 16:51:05

Hope you get some good news. All fingers crossedflowers[tea]wine

foolserrand Wed 06-May-15 18:39:15

They're letting him home! Dp is there right now. I'm not sure how we'll survive the month as they've made us pay upfront and his insurers are irritatingly slow, but my old boy is on his way back. grin

They aren't certain what's wrong with him yet, but they've taken samples so hopefully we will know soon.

foolserrand Wed 06-May-15 18:40:10

Oops, forgot to add a big thank you! to everyone who commented.

starodyssey2015 Wed 06-May-15 23:23:54

Please keep us updated! Got everything crossed for him! Hopefully it's something not so serious! Xx

foolserrand Thu 07-May-15 09:39:30

He'll be going back next Friday to have more tests and a fatty lump and skin tag removed. We've been told to exercise him lots, but the lazy sausage isn't playing ball!

spiderlight Fri 08-May-15 19:29:56

How's he doing today?

lougle Fri 08-May-15 20:21:52

Oh well done smile I hope he's making a great recovery.

BurningBridges Fri 08-May-15 22:54:37

Good news OP hope he continues to improve.

flowers to fattymcfat - we lost our DDog 8 weeks ago I know how you feel.

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