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Small Munsterlander

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Teslaedison Sat 02-May-15 10:01:42

After much discussion and research we have decided that a SM would be an ideal dog to join our family ( currently have a GSP and a lab. Working cocker was PTS last month)

Does anyone know of a LM or a SM breeder in the UK?

SmartAlecMetalGit Sat 02-May-15 11:32:00

Neither are particularly common in the UK, though the large is more so than the small.

There's a UK breed club for the LM but not the SM yet. There are also some LM breeders listed on the KC site but, again, nothing for the small.

It's probably worth asking about the SM over on the Champdogs Forum as I know there is at least one member there who owns them.

Teslaedison Wed 13-May-15 14:24:08

Thanks for your reply. We will probably look at a LM now.

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