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MN seems to be very anti-dog....

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roslyndee Wed 29-Apr-15 10:26:25

....just been told I should lock my dog away or tie her up if someone comes to my house who doesn't like/is scared of dogs!

Do any of you do this?

DrewOB Wed 29-Apr-15 10:38:04

here is my side, I hope it helps you make a decision:
I am genuinely terrified of dogs, I burst in tears or have panic attacks if one runs towards me, barks near me, jumps etc. It dates back from being attacked by a doberman as a toddler.

I don't visit people who have dogs, ever. I don't go to parks and other locations where I know dogs will be free unaccompanied.

So I would say that if the visit is absolutely necessary, it would be kind of you to have the dog in another room while the person visits. Otherwise, maybe see them somewhere else, some other time?

Buttholelane Wed 29-Apr-15 10:41:29

If someone was really, genuinely frightened then I would put her away.

shadowfax07 Wed 29-Apr-15 10:43:05

People who don't like or are scared of dogs don't come herewink. People who know us know we have a dog, and anyone else gets fair warning when they knock the door, he barks his head off.

That said, the dog and I are currently shut in the bedroom, there's a decorator downstairs painting the ceilings. Bouncy spaniel + open paint tins = recipe for disaster!

There do seem to be some people on MN who'd be quite happy if dogs didn't exist. There must be part of their soul missing to be that intolerant. I really pity them.

DishwasherDogs Wed 29-Apr-15 10:43:11

I tend to put my dogs away if we have visitors, which is rare anyway!
Only because dog1 leans against people and leaves hairs all over them and dog2 is a nutter who will jump on them and lick them all over the face if not controlled (working on training, but any visitors and it all goes out of the window!), and I would never assume that hairs or mad face licking was ok with anyone, dog lover or not.

We don't tend to have friends of my dc over if they are scared of dogs because it's not fair on the dogs to be shut away for hours.

MimsyBorogroves Wed 29-Apr-15 10:44:06

I do this - mainly for the protection of my dogs. Same if children who don't have dogs come round. I trust my dogs as much as I will ever trust any dog, but I would never risk them getting over excited by someone else's child, encouraged to jump up and accidentally catching another child with a claw or knocking them over. The one exception to this rule is my friend's DD, who is very sensible around the dogs. Her mum is also sensible enough to know that if her DD sits on the floor with the dogs they will all pile on for kisses and cuddles, and her DD is likely to be squashed under a dogpile.

Steadycampaign Wed 29-Apr-15 10:44:55

Yes, I would (and do) put my dog outside (where he has shelter if needed) in advance of someone coming to my house who I know dislikes/is scared of dogs for whatever reason.

In fact, I may have to do this this afternoon as a young boy (family friend) is coming to visit who is very nervous around dogs. Dog is quite small, very affectionate, and very friendly but I don't want to risk the young boy being upset.

Besides you can never, ever 100% guarantee how an individual animal is going to behave towards an individual person (especially a child) particularly if they are nervous. So I'm very careful about it.

Pootles2010 Wed 29-Apr-15 10:46:34

I would do this, if there person hated/terrified of dogs, I used to be terrified, and as Drew says it is really awful.

Having said that, I'd probably try to either arrange for dog to be out on a long walk, or more likely meet somewhere else.

sebsmummy1 Wed 29-Apr-15 10:46:44

I really like well trained dogs who have responsible owners.

shadowfax07 Wed 29-Apr-15 10:46:56

DrewOB, my last paragraph wasn't aimed at people who fear dogs, BTW. I just read your post and realised it could have been taken that way, sorry. It's the rabid haters of dogs I was referring to.

Koalafications Wed 29-Apr-15 10:47:34

No, I don't.

This is my dogs home. If people don't like dogs they shouldn't visit us.

WhiffleSqueak Wed 29-Apr-15 10:49:40

I'm allergic to dogs.

when they lick me I come up in a rash. when they jump up they leave hairs that trigger an asthma attack.

so their apparently "affectionate" gestures are never reciprocated. and the smell of them is enough to close my airways.

I guess me and dogs will just never understand each other.

also I already have a loved one whose poo I need to clean up. DS is all the labrador I need.

roslyndee Wed 29-Apr-15 10:49:51

I just feel sad for my poor little cavalier, she is quite old and just likes to sleep in her basket by the fireplace. She has anxiety issues due to having an abusive puppyhood and gets upset if we leave her in the other room. She loves children but is not at all intrusive with them. I don't see what the issue is if she's lying in her basket sleeping when guests are here - it's not like she's running around jumping at them!

shadow I'm inclined to agree with you. I'm such an animal lover that it seems unfathomable to me that there are people who don't like them. Scared of them because of a bad experience, like Drew (sorry for your experience btw), fair enough, but I don't think just someone 'not liking' them is a good enough reason to tie my dog up or keep her outside.

FWIW I was attacked by a dog (Jack Russell) as a four year old and was absolutely terrified of dogs for a while, wouldn't go near one. My mum got me over it by buying a dog.

Koalafications Wed 29-Apr-15 10:50:05

But, to be clear my dog doesn't go near visitors. She wouldn't jump, lick or sit near anyone who comes into the house unless she has met them quite a number of times before (DM, MIL, FIL & SIL for example) even then she would just sit quietly next to them hoping for a belly rub.

roslyndee Wed 29-Apr-15 10:50:13

Oh sorry, should have specified this wouldn't apply if someone had allergies!!!

insanityscatching Wed 29-Apr-15 10:52:26

Eric loves everybody but if someone visited who was scared I would put him in another room. Tbf ds was terrified of dogs before Eric and so I really empathise with people who are afraid. Having said that Eric is a good dog to have around people who can cope with him being in the same room as he's tiny, friendly and happy to be ignored if you really don't want to be bothered with him and seems to know without being told who wants his attention or not.

WhiffleSqueak Wed 29-Apr-15 10:52:44

I kinda wish I could love dogs. DP has two (in kennels, working dogs) and I love their bond.

Steadycampaign Wed 29-Apr-15 10:53:12

And fwiw, I don't think Mnset is particularly anti-dog. Check out all the soppy photos of favourite canines!!

I think it is more (quite rightly) anti irresponsible dog owners who do not pick up after their pets, let them run up and jump at people in open spaces, let them attack other dogs, let them bark all day, let them wander around neighbourhoods off the leash etc.

And I think society in general is becoming less tolerant because there are more dogs around, less open green spaces and more negligent owners, all of which has led to a rise in dog attacks. Perhaps Mumsnet is just reflecting this trend?

Koalafications Wed 29-Apr-15 10:54:20

If someone had allergies they would probably get a reaction from just being in your house

roslyndee Wed 29-Apr-15 10:55:41

steady perhaps and I agree with you about irresponsible owners but hate the owner not the dog!

I am admittedly biased as I grew up with rottweilers, staffies, german shepherds, dobermans and all manner of other dogs that are often owned by young lads trying to look hard these days. All were lovely and extremely affectionate. Like I say the only bite I ever got was off a Jack Russell.

specialsubject Wed 29-Apr-15 10:56:38

if a person knows you have a dog and doesn't like them/is scared of them, then it is a simple matter for them to explain that they won't be visiting you because of this. You can then decide what is more important to you, that visitor or the dog. (It may be a good way of not getting a visit from someone you don't like)

if someone visits who has this problem and doesn't know in advance that you have a dog - they should also explain and again you have the choice.

I like dogs, but not psychotic biting 'he's only playing' ones. If I get that I won't be back until the dog dies.

Steadycampaign Wed 29-Apr-15 10:57:03

Understand you being upset about your cavalier op btw, but a guest is a guest and people aren't general scared of dogs without good reason.

Hakluyt Wed 29-Apr-15 10:57:10

"....just been told I should lock my dog away or tie her up if someone comes to my house who doesn't like/is scared of dogs!

Do any of you do this?"

Yes of course! Why wouldn't you?

roslyndee Wed 29-Apr-15 11:01:55

hak because as I've just explained my cav is old with anxiety and heart issues and gets upset if she's away from me.

all visitors know that I have dogs in advance.

SingingHinnies Wed 29-Apr-15 11:01:59

Yes i do, i have a bull lurcher and a staffie so big dog's. They are lovely, friendly dogs who love kids and other dogs but i know some people don't like dogs. The staffie will attempt to sit on peoples knee's if i don't put her away. I never leave my kids unattended with the dog's as they are dogs and kids are kids. If people visit who have and know my dogs i leave them out, if people come who i know are not keen i put them away behind a baby gate in the kitchen, they can still see into the living room but wouldn't do them harm if i did shut the door. Kids visiting i always put them behind a gate, i don't know if the kids will behave responsibly around them and the last thing i would want is the dogs knocking a kid over. Kids in the family they come out with an adult supervising

There was a story once about a staffie who bit a kid in the face, they took it away to be destroyed, the vet examined it and found a biro pen lid wedged deep in its ear canal. I wouldn't risk my dogs having something like this happen expecialy being the breeds they are

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