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Natural Instinct - raw diet

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BoredAdminGirl Thu 16-Apr-15 10:59:26

I am starting my dog on a semi raw diet as I have heard great things about it.

Anyway I thought I would share something with you.

I emailed customer services of Natural Instinct to ask if they offered any samples and they have sent me 10 free (large) trays of dog food!

So thought I would pass it on to anyone else who may be interested x

BagelwithButter Fri 17-Apr-15 08:45:29

Are you on the FB group Raw Feeding UK? I'm sure they'd love to hear this tip smile

It's a very informative group with loads of advice and files to look at. How's the raw feeding going?

BoredAdminGirl Fri 17-Apr-15 10:46:31

I am on one, I will have to notify them! We have been weaning her little bits. The odd fresh beef mince here and there, green tripe and she absolutely loves it.

Going to start it properly this month (when I get paid).

I'm quite excited about it as love knowing she is eating so healthily!

BagelwithButter Fri 17-Apr-15 13:13:55

I had 2 foster dogs and they both loved it!

Morrisons is supposed to be very good for raw meat bargains

MostAmused Fri 17-Apr-15 13:39:59

Thanks for the tip, I have emailed smile

YourBubzYourRulzHun Fri 17-Apr-15 16:58:39

My friend feeds her dogs Narural Instinct and asked them to send me a few samples. I got 10 tubs, some dried liver, chicken hearts and jerky I think!

Me and my Mum order together and get over 80kg so we get 30% off. It makes such a difference on the price and its only costing me £10 more than when my dogs had kibble and they LOVE it.

My Standard Poodle was so fussy before but she hasn't left any of it ever. I give them frozen chicken wings and NI Turkey necks, lambs necks etc too and then reduce their dinner amount so that makes it last longer too.

YourBubzYourRulzHun Fri 17-Apr-15 16:59:03

Narural is meant to say Natural

lougle Mon 08-Jun-15 13:30:59

Good tip!

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