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Studding a dog - previous experience?

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sbear22 Mon 16-Feb-15 15:34:37

We have a beautiful male Lhasa apso and would like to stud him as he approaches the proper age. He is kennel registered, we will be getting a GPRA certificate etc so we know how to go about it. Wondered if anyone has ever studded their dogs and could tell me the process? I understand the bitch comes to the studs house, but then what happens? Are they likely to fight? Do the bitches owners stay as well? Just a few etiquette pointers would be a great help! Thanks guys.

HcachumBabow Mon 16-Feb-15 16:13:58

This article is well worth reading.

Do you have a breed mentor? There's really no substitute for having an experienced stud dog owner from within your breed

Also, why do you want to breed from your dog? I applaud you for doing the appropriate health tests (as well as the annual eye test I believe there are DNA tests available for renal dysplasia and haemophilia B) but what does he have to offer that will attract responsible bitch owners? Lhasas are getting increasingly popular with BYBs and unless your boy is somehow proven or has some exceptionally rare bloodlines it's likely that's what you'd attract.

TeamSteady Mon 16-Feb-15 19:47:03

I'd agree with the previous poster.

Do you show your dog op?

I have Labradors and have recently had my bitch mated. When I was looking for a stud dog I had hundreds of dogs to choose from, as any bitch owner does. I chose a dog I liked the look of- having been able to see him in the ring on several occasions and know that independent judges who were experienced in the breed felt he was correct. I then spoke to his breeder- someone with years and years of experience I. The breed. She advised me that the dog I'd met previously was actually not a great match for my bitch due to the lines on her fathers dog and advised I used a different dog. Would you know the breed in detail enough to advise prospective bitch owners of issues like this?

Practically the stud dog owner was fabulous at the actual time of mating, calm and confident in handling both dogs.

They have been a great source of advise and help before and after mating.

Because they work and show their dogs, they get a lot of enquiries from people wanting puppies by their dogs. They have put prospective puppy buyers in touch with me.

Because the dog is well known I had thirteen enquiries the first day that I advertised the puppies, the day after the mating.

What I'm trying to get across is people pay for a stud SERVICE. They expect (as well they should!) that the stud dog owner will be able to assist and advise them throughout the whole process. Unless you are able to offer these things it is unlikely that bitch owners would use your dog I'm afraid.

TeamSteady Mon 16-Feb-15 19:51:01

Sorry for all typos, doing several things at once.

Why don't you get in touch with your dogs breeder or the breed club and investigate showing your boy? That will enable you to get several independent options on whether he is a good example of the breed- good enough to breed from and also it will mean other breeders and exhibitors get to see your dog- if they don't know about him they can't use his services!

Good luck

landrover Tue 17-Feb-15 20:52:20

I agree with team steady, unless your dog is shown, it is unlikely that anybody will wish to use him as a stud dog. If you are advertising locally (as opposed to breeders advertising in Our Dogs etc) you are likely to attract the puppy farmers, not a good idea!!

Chattymummyhere Wed 18-Feb-15 10:53:06

Unless his shown/worked or comes from an amazing line that only you happen to have a useable boy from there is no point.

Stud duties can be easy or hard it all depends on each individual dog and bitch.

As the stud owner it's your job to know more about breeding than the bitch owner, you have to be willing to get hands on if required and be willing to get in the firing line if a bitch suddenly turns at the time of the tie.

Are you willing to check a bitch for internal issues? If she's ready but there are issues entering? To maybe have to help hold a lazy dog up because although they tie he does not spin and instead flops onto the bitches back? Who will get your male proven? Most people don't like to use an unproven dog unless his fabulous or for a very minimal fee which will normally be a new pet breeder who knows nothing with a maiden bitch. Ideally you want a bitch who's been mated before.

Don't expect to get lots of "work" you won't unless it's the undesirables using as again people don't want an overused stud if his sired 40pups in a year what new is he putting into the gene pool? There is lots to look into you need to check his lines as far back as possible for health concerns and for life expectancy in your own line.

Once you have researched all of this you will proberly change your mind.

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