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Whippet tummies! Best dry food? best treats? best wormer?

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Chillycamper Thu 12-Feb-15 22:50:57

De lurking in the Doghouse. (Waves a bit shyly)

We have been lucky to rehome a pair of 5 year old whippets, nearly 4 weeks ago. I wanted to wait a month before introducing them here but in the meantime was looking for recommendations for food and treats and wormer.

They are doing really well. Most of the time their poo is just about pickable but not always.

I'm sure the Milpro wormer upset them. I think general dog treats might.

They are being fed Chudleys's original as that is what they were on before. I've tried to research and it seems things to avoid are grains but also high protein?

I don't think I could manage completely raw. I"m veggie and we are a family of 6 with hardly any fridge or freezer space.


Whippet81 Fri 13-Feb-15 07:38:51

Try and cut out the cereals - I think Chudley's it is the main ingredient? The best food I have found for the money is Burgess Sensitive - I have a very sensitive greyhound and he does fine on this. He still has the odd few days where he is not right but mainly he's fine. He can only have the salmon one.

You will need to just play around as to the treats they can cope with. The dried fish treats are great - disgusting but great. Mine can cope with one brand of dental chew and yoghurt drops along with the fish treats but that's about it.

I don't give him anything other than fish, chicken or turkey. He gets the odd sausage if I'm cooking them but I wouldn't go overboard. Tinned sardines in his tea twice a week and he can have the Naturo Salmon wet food.

Chillycamper Fri 13-Feb-15 09:33:54

Thank you Whippet. It's really helpful to have a personal recommendation as the choice is a bit bewildering.

It makes sense to try out the better quality treats and also to keep them to a minimum. Worming is not optional but I will try a different brand next time and see if we avoid the rumbles.

They looked very sad yesterday as they grazed their feet and legs when they lost it at the sight of the neighbourhood top cat sitting on the front garden and they chased him down the street and through a flower bed. We've been careful to keep them on the lead on the estate up to now but DD dropped her bag on the way out of the door... They are fine off lead in woodland and fields.

Rambling now. Perhaps I should start a new thread on the cat thing. Hopefully Top Cat will decide to stop sitting on our path, garden, under our car.

Whippet81 Fri 13-Feb-15 21:16:51

I use Drontol wormer and haven't really had any problems.

Don't start me on cats - we have two opposite that like to sit outside out house sticking two claws up at my hound. One slapped him round the face the other day as he dared to look under our car on our drive and it was under there.

Trouble is their small brains can dribble out their ears as soon as they see something small and furry. I can't let mine off at all unfortunately so you're doing well.

Silverjohnleggedit Sat 14-Feb-15 07:25:53

I feed my whippet mostly raw but he also gets tinned Sardines in Olive oil, I think coconut oil is good for their tummies too. He gets whole raw eggs....the shell is knawed at too. Chicken wings are eaten outside - his choice. I also buy loads of jerky type treats Hollings is reasonably priced. Dried fish skins are very popular, again the dog wants to eat this kind of thing outside. I'd stay away from cereal too. There's a website devoted to analysing the quality of dog food, hopefully someone will provide the link.

bimandbam Sat 14-Feb-15 07:36:37

I give MaggieDog James Welbeloved. We have tried every dog food going. Wet and Dry. She eats it for a couple of days then turns her nose up at it.

But stolen human food is irresistible. Absolutely irresistible. She is like a dog possessed. like someone with a crack addiction. Ds is 14 months old and facilitates her addiction by sharing everything he has. Dd is 10 and sneaks bits to her. Dp is 47 and should know better but doesn't. Sigh.

So yeah. Doesn't help much but thats what I feed her. And throw away by the cupfull.

I sometimes think I should feed us the whippet food to make it more desirable.

She does get plenty of fruit and veg lobbed lovingly her way by ds though so I should be happy she is getting her 5 a day right?

CMOTDibbler Sat 14-Feb-15 18:50:21

My lurchers can't have any grains at all, and do fabulously on Burns pork and potato plus tinned sardines once a week

HcachumBabow Sat 14-Feb-15 19:03:54

My three do best on grain free, high meat content foods.

They're currently on Millie's Wolfheart countryside mix with Wainwrights grain free trays. They also sometimes get stuff like raw eggs, tinned fish and appropriate table scraps.

All About Dog Food is a great site for researching foods, especially now they've got such a great search function.

Treat wise they get something like cheese, hot dogs, roast leftovers, etc. cut into tiny bits. They get the fish based chews from MWH, the fish skin flats and wolfie bars go down especially well.

For worming I always use Panacur liquid, never had a problem with it. They eat it happily enough on their food and it's never upset their stomachs.

Chillycamper Sat 14-Feb-15 20:55:49

Thank you everyone for sharing what works for your whippets. I was going giddy from the choise in the pet shops.

We tried 3/4 their usual food with 1/4 Burgess sensitive Turkey this evening and they loved it. Will keep an eye and if it doesn't work for them slowly work through your other suggestions..

I have also bought some grain free salmon treats but will reserve them for recall treats. I'd like them to reliably come back to me instead of stopping to see what I want first LOL

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