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New dog aggressive with other dogs.

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HoundPaws Tue 10-Feb-15 19:33:24

Is this something I will just have to work round? Two year old rescue, gorgeous dog, perfect in every other way; I absolutely love her- but she attacks other dogs. She was a spoilt only dog and I guess not socialised properly. She is an only dog with me, but she has to be muzzled when with friends dogs. I have had her about 8 weeks. Any suggestions? Thanks.

SpicyBeat Tue 10-Feb-15 20:00:09

There is no quick fix for dog - dog aggression. It usually, but not always, stems from fear and can be due to lack of socialisation, previous bad experiences, temperament or a mixture of those factors.

You can work and make improvements with the help of a behaviourist but I would start by not putting her in these situations around other dogs. If she's attacking she is not happy around them. Every time she rehearses the behaviour it becomes more ingrained. A muzzle to stop damage is necessary but not really the answer - it's not fair to put her in that position where she feels she needs to attack.

HoundPaws Tue 10-Feb-15 20:25:27

Thanks Spicy. As I mentioned, she is my only dog so is alone with me for 90% of the time but she sometimes will have to mix with other dogs.
The thing is she doesn't seem afraid, she will play with one dog in particular for hours really happily, the happiest I see her really, but then will suddenly go in.
My logic is that if is is fear related, if she spends more time with them she will realise they are not a threat and get used to them? After all she cannot reinforce the behaviour if she is muzzled? Very confusing :/

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