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whiney /barky/overtired puppy

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TheHumancatapult Tue 10-Feb-15 18:55:42

Not sure if its a mix of worming tablet or more likely overtired grumpy puppy he not stopped barking whining crying most day ( Vet has checked him over as precaution but nothing obvious () as currently have my mums dog here to stay till Sunday ( never again mind () and have to keep them separate as she bowls him over or if he trying get to me she pins him down .HYas bruised his shoulder so vets advice is keep them apart much as can with house being open plan so am taking out in shifts in garden and using and watching all time I was supervising but happened so fast .

But he not help by then hanging of her

any ideas as he drops of and i do stuff mums dog then starts pacing and whining if I dare to leave room and wakes him up and thought of 4 more days of this I want to cry

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