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Do labs have a second teenager phase?

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punter Tue 03-Feb-15 12:00:25

My yellow lab is 2.5 years old and we have had him since 8 weeks. So we have done the mad puppy stage and at about 1 year old the adolescent 'I have forgotten everything you have taught me' phase. He has two long walks a day with plenty of social meetings as well as doggy day care at least once a week. His good points - snoozes on the sofa in-between walks, and sleeps from 10pm to 8am. No accidents. No chewing anymore. Very friendly with other dogs but knows not to bother if no interest in play from other dog. Very affectionate. Almost no counter surfing. Almost ideal BUT
his not so good points - has begun to wander off during walks, eventually returns but recall seems to vanish on these occasions. Very bouncy with my children and their children, almost wags his bottom off and jumps on them when they are on sofa. Barks at everybody going past the window/gate and at children in adjoining gardens. This has all become more obvious in the last 6 months - so do they have a second teenager phase and when will it stop?

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