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Dog keeps crying, don't know how to settle.

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FlourishandBlotts Mon 02-Feb-15 21:44:50

Hi all,

I've also posted this in the Pets forum, didn't realise there was a separate forum smile

I've got a problem with our 8 year old staffie. He was very attached to my mom, who sadly passed away last month. Ever since then he's been quite unsettled, crying for long periods of time, walking around the room crying ect. It's clear he is missing mom, as understandable as it is, it's beginning to get quite frustrating for us.

Has anyone had any similar experiences? What can we do to help him?


Staywithme Tue 03-Feb-15 00:07:57

So sorry to read about your mum. flowers

The poor dog is wondering where your mum is and is pinning for her. I'm afraid you're just going to have to be patient. Make sure he is in a routine and try your best to stick it it. Do you know his routine when he was with your mum? If so it might be helpful to keep his bedtime to a similar time as that which your mum used. Have you any items of your mum's clothing that can be left in his bed as the smell may give him comfort. Good luck and please don't give up as he's already list your mum and I can only imagine the level of distress he would feel if you give him up. sad

He will also benefit from daily walks as this will help him to get rid of that anxious energy.

FlourishandBlotts Tue 03-Feb-15 23:23:13

Thanks for your reply.

We wouldn't dream of giving him up! That's the last thing she would've wanted.

I guess his routine has been disrupted the past few months so I guess getting him back into a routine would be a good idea. He used to always go to bed with mom, even when she was ill, but this had to stop when she was going off her feet as he kept getting her up in the night for wee's. He used to sleep on her bed when she was moved downstairs but again this was only for a short while as his movements to get comfy would hurt her.

I often wrap him up in her dressing gown, he loves snuggling into it smile

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