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Poo and food help please!

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Skivvywoman Mon 02-Feb-15 12:25:08

We've just got a gorgeous male yorkie who's 3 about 12 weeks ago, he's settled in better than I expected and we love him, he's a large yorkie 11kg, when we got him the lady fed him bakers complete small dog food and that's it, when we go visiting anyone with a dog and he spies there wet meat he eats it like he's never been fed before! So I thought I'd try him on wet food which he loves it's wolfed down in seconds,
But he's been really constipated managing to poo but very dry and having to strain a bit and yesterday after the dry hard poo on our walk he done a slimy poo (sorry tmi!) then when we came home he was crying to go back out and again he done a few slimy poos,
I put him back on the dry food yesterday and this morning his poo was back to normal and a lot of it!
So I don't know what to do either persevere with wet food or keep him on the dry stuff?

(Not owned a dog in a long time so it's like having a baby going back to it!)

WeAllHaveWings Mon 02-Feb-15 16:53:49

Personally prefer dry (better for their teeth), but not bakers its probably the worst dog food out there. It's like feeding your child McDonald's 3 meals a day 7 days a week.

Try allaboutdogfood website to see foods, ingredients and guideline ratings.

Our lab is on Millies Wolfheart and can highly recommend it.

bobbyjim Mon 02-Feb-15 19:26:35

if you want to try wet food again Naturediet is very good about 60% real meat, but do it little by little mixing the old food with the new gradually till their tummies get used to the new food over about a week, my friend's yorkie looks great on it, or science plan do a dry food for small fussy dogs and toy dogs, was the only dry food my bichon ate and she lived to 13 looking wonderful.
Or another dry food called Lilys kitchen is excellent my Labrador loves it but then she would eat anything.
Don't buy dog food from the supermarket go to your local pet shop or buy online in bulk.

EasyToEatTiger Mon 02-Feb-15 21:37:01

Bobbyjim is right about changing diet. The general rule is to do it slowly, over about a week to 10 days, or your dog can get an upset tum. What you feed your dog will depend on what you can afford and what he does well on. We have collies and they seem well on Burns, but it may not be appropriate for a yorkie. I second WeAllHaveWings that Bakers is not generally all that good although I'm sure it suits some dogs somewhere!

Skivvywoman Mon 02-Feb-15 21:48:58

He's a clever wee cookie, at breakfast time I gave him his dried food and he turned his nose up at it then picked at it he kept going to the bowl and hitting his nose off it so I poured some out and added one of the little tins to it and he wolfed it down and done the same tonight again he wolfed it down!
I didn't know bakers was so bad until I got him and read about it, but to be fair he's been fine on it
I don't know how much and often I should be feeding him they old lady I got him from said she just used to keep his bowl filled!
(My old yorkie was a fussy bugger so I used to be so happy for him to eat any dog food!)

EasyToEatTiger Mon 02-Feb-15 22:04:08

Some people feed like that, leaving food out. I don't, as you can't tell how much has been eaten and I think it's a bit laissez faire. If you are feeding a complete dry food, please be careful adding extra wet food, as you may be unbalancing his diet. I have not kept a yorkie, so I don't know specifically. I understand that most dogs will eat what's put in front of them if they are hungry. Looking at the breed stats, yorkies usually weigh about 2-4kg. They're tiny. 11kg is massive! Is your dog overweight, or maybe a cross?

Skivvywoman Mon 02-Feb-15 22:18:04

No he's a pure bred yorkie, he could be overweight slightly but doesn't look it iykwim!
My mum used to breed yorkies and there about the only breed that comes in different sizes, she had ones that could fit in pint glasses to big ones like mines although not as big lol he's just a big teddy bear smile

EasyToEatTiger Mon 02-Feb-15 22:25:50

I'd feed twice a day and measure the food based on what is a healthy weight for him. Then you can feed a bit more or a bit less. Again I don't know about other breeds, but all our dogs have had a consistent weight over the years. It may be worth having a word with your vet! You will find a way that suits you and him. smile

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