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Sighthound rescue-would you re-home to people in this situation?

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Kitsmummy Sun 01-Feb-15 21:05:02

Hi, after a knowledgeable opinion from some of the rescue people on this board.

My DB and DSIL are desperate to re-home a rescue sighthound. They have been thinking about it for ages and want to do it now. The problem is, they both work full time and live in a 1 bed flat (no garden). DSIL can come home every lunchtime to walk the dog (as well as before and after work obviously) and my DB also works v close to home so could pop back himself if need be, although DSIL would be the one to do it on a daily basis.

I know both of these things are normally total no-go's for rescues, but I know that sighthounds are often thought of as the better open for people who work.

They both totally love dogs and have been thinking about this for ages and I know they'd treat it well but obviously a rescue is going to have strict criteria to adhere to.

They're in Bristol and have great access to the downs, parks etc.

Am interested if anyone knows if rescues will give a flat No or if they may consider it? Thanks

Kitsmummy Sun 01-Feb-15 21:06:06

Sorry, that was better OPTION for people who work

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