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Please help me with my dog :(

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Twattyzombiebollocks Sun 01-Feb-15 17:01:43

Please someone help me with my dog. Peppa is a 4yo neutered staffy bitch. She's incredibly friendly bouncy and energetic, loves to play with the kids, and has been a beloved family member for 4 years since a pup. She's been reliably toilet trained (aside from fireworks, upset tummy or over excitement) since she was ) 6 months old.
We moved house back in November, I expected (and got) a couple of whoopsies in the first week or so. Then a month ago, i moved babies cot from the nursery into my room and she pood where the cot had been in the nursery.
This week it's all gone to pot. There has been no change in routine from the norm, I'm not out significantly more than I have been (a couple of hours a couple of times a day)
She has peed or pood in the house every day this week. Full wees, not little whoopsies she does when excited. And normal formed poos not sloppy upset stomach poos.
She's eating and behaving perfectly normally apart from that.
Please could anyone shed light on why she suddenly thinks my house is a toilet? It's a rental property and I have a 2yo toddler so random dog turds on the floor is not a good thing (is it ever?)
I honestly don't think she is poorly, she's as bouncy and seems as happy as she ever has been. Eating as normal and goes to the loo outside when I let her out. She unfortunately also goes to the toilet in the house.

EasyToEatTiger Sun 01-Feb-15 17:23:37

How really really annoying for you. It is possible that other dogs have been in the house and she is marking her territory. Although it's a few months ago, she may have been upset by the move. Make sure you clean up her mess with something like Simple Solution or biological soap powder which break down the enzymes. It may be worth a trip to the vet just to make sure she is in full health.

If another dog has lived in the house and has made mistakes, they may well still have remnants of smell to your dog although not to you. I expect someone who can shed light will be along soon.

Twattyzombiebollocks Sun 01-Feb-15 17:34:20

No, no other dogs. Certainly not since we have lived here the last 3 months. Surely if she could smell other dogs she would have been peeing and pooing on the floor all the time? And she never goes in the same place twice. It's totally random

TheHappinessTrap Sun 01-Feb-15 18:29:58

That's so frustrating. Mine recently started doing this and it can be hard to describe how soul destroying this can be! My situation is different to your in that I don't have a baby to look after but I'll tell you what we've done.

We bought a carpet cleaner and did the whole house with a solution that is mean to help with pet mess, and then for about 2 weeks we never let her off lead or more than a few feet from us while in the house, except for the kitchen where she sleeps and never once toileted. It was hard at first. Really depressing to be tethered to my girl, and she was clearly confused by it. We've not had a mess since and she's no longer tethered to us. We do still keep an eye on her though and shout to each other to warn that one of us needs to keep if she moves from one bit of the house to another. Also if we can't keep an eye on her (in the shower or whatever) then she gets shut into the kitchen. I'm hoping she forgets that she ever went in the house!

I think the other option I'd read about was crating. I don't have any experience of that.

God luck OP.

TheHappinessTrap Sun 01-Feb-15 18:30:38

Good, not God, I don't know religion but I doubt he'd have anything to do with this!

lemisscared Sun 01-Feb-15 18:41:05

3 months is not really that long to be in the new property, i suspect that the upset of moving started things off and then its become a habit.

Do you find she is going back to the same place to toilet? Remember that dogs noses are thousands of times more sensitive than ours (so what fox poo smells like to them God only knows hmm) so even if you think you've cleaned it up really well, they will detect any residual smell and go again. Also, many cleaners have components that actally attract dogs and cats to piddle there. What you need to do is clean the area she is using with a biological washing powder and then dab it with with methylated spirits when its dry. This will break down any proteins present in the urine/poo and take the scent away properly.

Go back to basics with the toilet training, so take her outside, everytime she toilets where she is supposed to, reward her, so if she squats, magic a treat out of thin air - so toilet outside = treat/praise.

If it continues, consider talking to your vet, she could have irritation but otherwise be well although i suspect this is a behaviour thing rather than illness, you should rule it out. The nurses will be able to advise you with things to try to help stop the accidents.

One thing you can try if she is stressed is adaptil/dap which is a dog pheremone that works really well to help dogs feel calmer in their environment.

Best of luck x

moosemama Sun 01-Feb-15 18:56:18

I would think the house move and subsequent changes in the new house may have unsettled her and her anxiety has built up. I'd also consider if there might be anything like noises from neighbours that might be bothering her.

Sometimes dogs can react anxiously to things that don't occur to us or we are unaware of and this can then take a while for them to get over. Something like a window cleaner turning up while you were out, for example (this happened to one of my dogs many years ago and it was only when the neighbour mentioned them coming on the wrong day that we realised why the dog was behaving strangely) can really unsettle them - especially if she is in a new house as well and only just starting to feel secure and like it's home.

As EasyToEatTiger said, you need to make sure you clean up every accident with a biological cleaner to break down the matter so she can't smell it. Normal cleaner, disinfectant or bleach will leave a residue that she can still smell, even when it smells clean and fresh to you.

I'd be extra vigilant for signs she might be thinking about 'going' and go right back to basics on house training for a while, actually taking her outside at regular intervals and rewarding her for going in the right place, just as you would if she was a pup.

I'd also consider trying something like a few drops of Rescue Remedy (you can get it at Boots) in her water bowl and/or a DAP diffuser or a DAP collar to help her relax.

moosemama Sun 01-Feb-15 18:57:48

Cross posted a couple of times there - sorry - I was interrupted several times while trying to type my post.

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